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Expertise Description: I have more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Cycling, Bicycles, Highways & Bikeways, and Traffic Laws. My expertise includes effective cycling and safety; bikeway systems; safe traffic principles and laws; and bicycle accidents and reconstruction. My consultations consist of bicycle handling characteristics, such as bicycle frame integrity, brake design, and front fork failure; bicycle facilities, such as hazard warnings, obstructions, and surface defects; cyclist behavior, such as instruction quality, accuracy, and skills; and cyclists’ right to use the road, including restricted roads, mandatory bike path laws, and product safety regulations. I have over 35 years of expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.
Representative Litigation Experience:
My expert witness experience includes Defective bicycles, Defective highway regarding bicycling, Traffic-law violations regarding bicycling, and Driver error regarding bicycling.
Representative Consulting Services and/or Projects:
My consulting experience includes analyzing the bicycle-driving task according to recognize traffic-engineering principles, analyzing traffic accident statistics, analyzing traffic laws and their history, developing training course for adult cyclist in which beginners learn vehicular-cycling and other club cycling skills, developing training course for child cyclists to learn to ride in traffic better than average adults, developing 5 basic principles for traffic operation, and lecturer and assistance professor.
Licenses & Certifications: *
California Industrial Engineer
MSProduction ManagementCal State Long Beach
Awards & Affiliation:
Cycling Literature Award, MAUDEP Bicycling Conference
Dr. Paul Dudley White Award
Effective Cycling Eds, The MIT Press, a handbook for cyclists
Bicycle Transportation, eds, The MIT Press, a handbook for government personnel
Numerous, seminars, lectures, articles on Bicycling and on Bicycle Transportation Engineering
Primary Affiliation/Organization: California Association of Bicycling Organizations

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