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Expertise Description: I have more than 30 years experience in the field of Hardware / Software Engineering. My extensive technology management experience focused in areas of processor design (uni processor, symmetrical, and parallel systems), operating system design, communication systems, signal processing, storage and retrieval, and broad application of infrastructure technologies. I have over 15 years core competence in real time communications, including streaming media (audio, video, web), VOD, NVOD, digital recording, video and communication protocols, digital compression (JPEG, MPEG), real time content caching, digital network distribution systems including satellite, wired, wireless, cable, telecom, IPTV and more. I have prior expert witness experience.
Representative Consulting Services and/or Projects:
My consulting services include: project management, workflow automation, operational process simplification at largest service provider; managed worldwide development and marketing budgets of more the $100M; managed software development and support team of 700 engineers across 6 research laboratories.
Executive Business Education ProgramFuqua School of Business, Duke University
Master of ScienceComputer EngineeringState University of New York
Bachelor of ScienceComputer ScienceWilkes University
Awards & Affiliation:
Corporate Award for Excellence; Successful Multimedia Introduction
Division Award for Excellence; Successful Shipment
5 patents with U.S. and International Claims
Primary Affiliation/Organization: International Multimedia Telecommunication Consortium

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