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Expert 506242 - AL TN

Expertise Description

I have more than 35 years experience in the Energy and Utility industry and have been involved in projects in more than 30 countries. I have expertise in developing grid modernization roadmaps, models for traceability from a field device, annual cycle models for wind farm production, and the review of data. I have additional experience in the development of smart metering and smart grid projects, and the development of regulators for smart grid road maps. I have more than 15 years expert witness experience with consultations and deposition.

Expert 128256 - FL

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years experience in Electrical Engineering. My experience includes Rock Crushing with Lasers; Efficient Power Transfer; Medical equipment & Instrumentation; Optical Works; Very-Large-Scale-Integration (VLSI), Instrumentation, Signal Processing; Haley Comet satellite picture transmission channel.