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Expert 151735 - CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have over 30 years experience in the Action Sports Business and am a 20-time world champion in skateboarding. I have designed, ridden, manufactured, and sold a variety of products for skateboarding, Bicycle Motocross (B.M.X.), snowboarding, and motocross. I have also invented twelve different types of skateboarding ramps and hold two patents for skateboarding ramps, as well as designed many skateboard parks for professional competitions and tours. I am experience with various skatepark features, such as half pipes, quater pipes, manual pad, funbox, and ramps. Other area of expertise include the coping process for professional skaters.

Expert 29747 - NV

Expertise Description

I have more than 50 years experience in the field of Sports and Recreation. My experience includes sports and promotion of sports' competitions involving ice shows, bicycle races, biathlons, hang gliding, scuba diving, water skiing, mountain climbing, professional tennis, speed skating, and roller skating. I also have experience with the supervision of design, pool slides, construction, and maintenance of ski lodges, park sites, ice & roller skating rinks, bicycle racing tracks, running tracks, swimming pools, and golf courses. I am highly familiar with retail of sporting goods, including bicycling, fitness, skiing, tennis, and mountaineering & climbing equipment. I have over 45 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.