Expert 439234 - VA

Expertise Description

I have over 20 years experience in the fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering. My experience includes preparing architectural and project plans, Fire Protection, mechanical/plumbing, electrical, and structural engineering, ADA Compliance, concept design, building design, life safety and independent technical reviews. I have designed all types of public and private buildings from elementary schools to Army barracks to residential housing. I have conducted existing building condition assessments, post-disaster damage assessments, and expert opinion on a wide variety of code compliance (including ADA), construction, and civil engineering design issues. I have spent over 15 years offering my services as an architectural engineering expert witness.

Expert 506790

Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years of experience involved in the construction and window industries as it pertains to product design, investigation, window installation, safety, and construction. My expertise pertains to Construction, Window and Glazing Systems, Product Design and Installation. I have completed over twenty million dollars worth of varied construction and window related projects. My clients have been Attorneys, Developers, Architectural firms, Contractor, Lending Institutions, Government entities, as well as major manufacturers. My services include consulting work on window and glazing design, inspection and reports on distressed structures, inspection of construction procedures to determine viability, alternate dispute resolution as an expert witness, consult and expert services on construction or design disputes. I have over 15 years of expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Expert 461131 - CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years in the field of woodworking journalism with expertise in workshop design, hand tools, power tools, safety issues, furniture design, fine woodworking product evaluations procedures, training and photography of woodwork. I have additional experience with do-it-yourself topics, portfolio photography, and dust control. I have over 20 years expert witness experience.