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Arizona (16 experts) Arkansas (1 expert) California (Northern) (239 experts) California (Southern) (512 experts) Colorado (6 experts) Connecticut (6 experts) Delaware (1 expert) District of Columbia (1 expert) Florida (50 experts) Georgia (7 experts) Hawaii (3 experts) Illinois (26 experts) Indiana (1 expert) Kentucky (1 expert) Louisiana (2 experts) Maine (3 experts) Maryland (6 experts) Massachusetts (9 experts) Michigan (8 experts) Minnesota (4 experts) Mississippi (2 experts) Missouri (5 experts) Montana (1 expert) Nevada (29 experts) New Hampshire (1 expert) New Jersey (19 experts) New Mexico (2 experts) New York (34 experts) North Carolina (4 experts) Ohio (5 experts) Oklahoma (4 experts) Oregon (8 experts) Pennsylvania (7 experts) South Carolina (2 experts) Tennessee (3 experts) Texas (63 experts) Utah (4 experts) Vermont (1 expert) Virginia (2 experts) Washington (13 experts) Wisconsin (6 experts)

Choose from ForensisGroup’s selection of expert construction, engineering, medical, and scientific forensic professionals and technicians.  Use the interactive map for find experts by location.  An overwhelming majority of our consultants have experience as expert witnesses. ForensisGroup experts have worked for attorneys, insurance professionals, corporations, private and public agencies, private investigators, as well as, other experts as part of multidisciplinary expert investigative teams. We are experienced in handling civil lawsuits and complex litigation.