Truck accident expertAn Upshur County, TX, jury awarded $101M to Joshua Patterson as a result of being hit from behind by an FTS International Manufacturing truck. The semi-truck driver, Bill Acker, was found to be under the influence of marijuana and methamphetamines while driving the FTS truck. Acker was also on probation with the trucking company for being involved in three other wrecks. FTS International Manufacturing was found liable for damages afterdisregarding their own safety policies and not recognizing that Acker falsified documents stating he had undergone new driver and defensive driver training, as well as driver drug and alcohol training. He did not take the official drug test required by the company.

Safety compliance is an integral aspect of the trucking industry. Truck drivers must go through training to learn transportation safety and how to avoid truck accidents when on the road. The plaintiff argued insufficient training and inexperience of the truck driver. In the largest truck related award ever, the $101M award was levied against FTS except for $50K levied against Bill Acker. The plaintiff, who had worked as a crane operator, underwent three back surgeries and is no longer able to work.

A truck accident settlement is made to plaintiffs suffering from serious injuries as a result of recklessness or driver negligence. In the majority of lawsuits, truck accident awards cover medical bills, the cost of permanent disability, property damage, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Trucking expert witnesses are retained in trucking accident and trucking industry litigation because these professionals are well versed in traffic laws as well as trucking industry rules and regulations. If you have a case involving a truck accident or trucking transportation, it is important to hire a top expert witness. Contact ForensisGroup to be connected with a top trucking expert witness who will address the fact pattern in your lawsuit.