Contract Dispute Expert WitnessesA ride-hailing app company has sued four former employees on the company’s corporate intelligence team accusing them of improperly taking confidential records when they left the company. The company alleges that the defendants held onto company hard drives and laptops. Former employee Richard Jacobs argues that the former company team stole trade secrets.

In Uber Technologies Inc. v. Mat Henley, Nicholas Gicinto, Jacob Nocon and Edward Russo (Case No. CGC-18-571617), the Complaint For Breach of Contract Seeking Preliminary Injunction declares:

This dispute arises from Defendants’ misappropriation of documents and storage devices belonging to the company, including privileged and confidential materials; their refusal to return the company’s property; and their threatened misuse of the company’s privileged, confidential, proprietary information…

Defendants attached three of the company’s documents to the draft complaint that are protected by attorney-client privilege and attorney work product doctrine. Defendants also made allegations that rely on and disclose the company’s privileged information…the company does not object Defendants making allegations against the business… What is inappropriate, however, is for defendants to steal from company information that is privileged and confidential, then misuse that privileged information for their own personal gain, notwithstanding the company’s requests for its return. It is that conduct the company seeks to enjoin.

A breach of contract alleges that a party failed to perform a duty or promise that they agreed to in a contract.  The Superior Court of California County of San Francisco complaint charges defendants with breaching their contracts under the company’s Employee Handbook. The handbook spells out that at the end of their employment, former employees return any and all property belonging to the company, including documents and devices.

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