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Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years experience in Mechanical Engineering. My expertise includes force reconstruction of low-damage impacts, time-distance studies, vibration, analysis of photographic evidence, and three-dimensional reconstruction using photogrammetry or videogrammetry. I have general expertise in all types of applied mechanics or engineering mechanics problems. I am capable of non-ballistic trajectory analysis and failure analysis of ladders and other similar structures. I have additional experience in corrosion, accident analysis, kinematic analysis, mechanics, measurement and data analysis, and numerical modeling. I have over 5 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Force reconstruction in low damage front-to-rear vehicle impacts; Principal Direction of Force (PDOF) determination in low damage vehicle impacts; Expert report analysis and rebuttal.

Relevant Experiences

I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Science at a prominent university and teach courses primarily in the areas of Engineering Mechanics and Design. I have published 14 peer-reviewed journal papers, and have additional conference publications. I have over 20 years of experience as an engineering faculty member, and have been retained as an expert witness in a variety of cases, many of which relate to force magnitude and direction determination in low- to moderate-damage collisions.

I am a licensed mechanical engineer in the states of Texas and Kentucky.  My main areas of expertise include mechanics of materials, engineering design and failure analysis, and non-contact motion measurementI have been retained as either consulting or testifying expert in over 500 cases in the past eleven years, and have testified live or via deposition on over 80 occasions.  While most of my retainers have related to force reconstruction of vehicle impact forces, I’ve consulted on cases related to document review of engineering designs as follows:
– Failure analysis and causation of industrial “clamshell” sandwich maker that closed on to arm restaurant employee.  Required site inspection, analysis of design documents to determine exactly how the failure took place — and what kind of modifications to the mechanism should be made.
– Failure analysis and causation of collapse of retail “gondola” display containing saw blades.  Required site inspection, and analysis of patents, assembly documentation, and company guidelines to determine whether proper inspection and maintenance procedures were followed.
– Failure analysis and causation of collapse of retail wheeled produce cart.  Required device inspection, and analysis of assembly documentation to determination why structure failed.
– Failure analysis and causation of why a suspended TV monitor fell on a customer in a retail store.  Required site visit, device inspection, and review of maintenance and installation documents to determine why structure failed, and what measures could be taken to prevent similar failures.
– Analysis of “overspray” of retroreflective glass beads (in a road marking application) in a slip and fall case.  Required analysis of MSDS, procedures, and interpretation of warnings.
– Analysis of threshold height (vis a vis applicable building codes) in a trip and fall case
– Analysis of failure of a deck railing
While not specifically an expert on hunting bows, I am skilled at locating, reviewing, and analyzing documentation, as well as codes, standards and patents applicable to whatever design I’m analyzing, and applying appropriate physical principles and laws of nature to identify the cause of failure.

I am familiar (and have worked) with codes related to playgrounds and has recently consulted on a case related to the collapse of a “fire pole” in an obstacle/challenge course, and also reviewed codes and standards related to barriers placed around the attraction for spectators. 
I have also consulted on cases related to the following:
 – Determination of causation in retail gondola display collapse (required researching documentation, codes and patents related to the display)
 – Determination of causation in tipping of wheeled retail display (required calculation of moment applied when mounted bag dispenser was used by wheel-chair bound customer, inspection and examination of threaded shafts used to mount wheels used to support display, analysis of the threaded joints)
 – Determination of causation in failure of overhead security video monitor in a retail store (involved site visit, inspection of failed components (including bolt threads), analysis of documentation and applicable codes)
 – Determination of causation in failure of liquid-Nitrogen based “fog effects” system that dripped liquid dry ice on to a patron in a local dance club.  Required researching standards, evaluating compliance with MSDS procedures, and evaluating documents related to the design, maintenance and operation of the system (patents, instructions, and deposition testimony).
 – Determination of causation in failure of “clamshell” sandwich maker (required researching documentation related to the equipment, analysis of mechanism, presentation of how mechanism should be redesigned in a fail-safe manner)
 – Analysis of threshold height and assessment of code compliance in trip and fall case (required site measurement and review of pertinent International Building Code standards) 
 – Determination of role of retroreflective beads (left after road striping) in trip and fall case (required review of pertinent OSHA and State Highway Codes)
 – Determination of role installed wires and cables have in a trip and fall case involving a cashier working at her checkstand. 
– Causation involving a mounted deer head that fell off a wall, injuring a maid as she vacuumed in the same proximity.

I have published a number of peer-review articles that directly utilize photogrammetry, so this is right in my main area of expertise.


PhDMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
MSMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
BSMechanical EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Licenses Certifications

Texas Professional Engineer (Mechanical)
Texas Engineering Firm Registration
Kentucky Professional Engineer (Mechanical)

Awards & Affiliation

Professor of the Year
Alpha Delta Lambda
NASA Faculty Fellowship
NASA Langley Research Center
ORISE Faculty Fellowship
Savannah River Site
U.S. Dept. of Energy

Primary Affiliation

American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

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