Accident Reconstruction Expert 528800 CT

Expertise Description

I have experience in the field of accident reconstruction with expertise in investigation, testing and analysis of approximately one hundred motor vehicle, machinery, product liability and fall-down accidents; animation/simulation software; product design experience; and mechanical engineering. I have prior experience offering my services as an accident reconstruction expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have assisted with the investigation, testing, research, simulation and analysis on nearly one hundred cases pertaining to motor vehicle, machinery, consumer and employee product liability and fall-down accidents. I have also created vehicle accident animations, which depict events from multiple points of view and have assisted in the review of technical reports and testimony.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Mechanical Engineering RPI

Awards & Affiliation

RPI senior design capstone project – 3D Printing of Silicones
Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society