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Accident Reconstruction & Safety Expert WitnessAccident reconstruction is defined as the systematic process of evaluating all of the evidence related to a particular collision and applying accepted physical principles to determine how that collision occurred. Accident reconstruction and safety expert witnesses are leveraged by law firms and insurance companies in their investigation of all types of vehicle and vessel mishaps.

Accident reconstruction and safety expert witnesses provide analysis, consultation, and expert testimony to the actions in an accident, their causes, and the aftermath. This multi-disciplinary field entails the collection and analysis of physical evidence, the application of physics and engineering concepts to the particular dynamics of a collision, and creating models of actual and alternative circumstances. This modeling studies the effects of vehicle operators, vehicles, and environmental elements. Accident reconstruction and safety expert witnesses will usually examine police or government agency-documented evidence, inspect the vehicles involved and the accident site, and interpret and apply experimental data, calculations, and simulations.

An interesting point of accident reconstruction is that these professionals methodically work backward in time—from the results of the accident towards the beginning sequence of events to the cause. All accidents are investigated with this reconstruction methodology, including aircraft, trains, and maritime accidents.

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