Advertising Agency Expert 107541 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have more than 35 years experience in strategic marketing, advertising, communication and media. My expertise includes Marketing (Strategic & Tactical Planning); Advertising Agency alliances, practices and tactics; Brands & Advertising; Advertising and Sales; Promotion; Communication &Media, including Internet/Web; Website Development; Direct Market Analysis/Identification/Targeting; Advertising Creative; Marketing Research; Marketing & Business Development; Collateral Materials & Sales Promotion; Products & Services; Direct Marketing/Direct Mail; Trademarks; Complex Trademark Infringement; Non-Profits/Public Service; Intellectual Property; Contracts between advertising agencies and clients; Products and Services; Events and Tradeshows; Photographic Rights; Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC); Retail; Marketing Campaign Strategy; New Business Development; Rollouts; Market Penetration; and effectively identifying marketing opportunities for local and national business organizations. I have 35 years of expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Marketing; Advertising; Breach of contract; Business practices; Contracts; Sponsorships; Advertising violations; False advertising; Trade libel; Media; Trademark infringement; Intellectual property; Usage of models; Media; Advertising agency; Theft of trade secrets; Client business practices; Unfair advertising; Deceptive advertising; Violation of Lanham Act; Unjust enrichment; Trademarks at issue; Comparative advertising/promotion; Licensing, packaging; Value of advertising and media campaigns; Cases have also included contracts between advertising agencies, clients, advertisers, suppliers, production firms and media.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes: Breach of contract; Marketing campaign strategy; Advertising; Business development; Rollouts; Collateral programs; Market penetration; Internet and web marketing; Website development; Effectively identifying market problems/disputes/opportunities for local, national, and international business organizations.

Relevant Experiences

I have worked previously for the State of Washington and I have worked on medical marketing cases.

Worked on approximately 80-100 cases, with 51% plaintiff and 49% defendant.

I teach, consult and do expert witnessing. I understand the problem in the case. I can handle both marketing and advertising and other components under marketing and advertising. Advertising is a small component under Promotion, one of the nine P’s of marketing

I’m a multi-faceted senior marketing executive with expertise in creating, applying and delivering marketing, advertising, media, business development, sales, brand integrity and sales programs, along with my expert witnessing. As a senior marketing professional, I understand the relationships of partners.

I’ve introduced campaigns that translated strategic marketing plans into tactical sales actions.

I have been an advertising and marketing expert for 15 years.


MBABusiness Administration – MarketingUniversity of Southern California
BSBusiness AdministrationUniversity of Southern California

Licenses Certifications

California Lifetime Teaching Certificate

Awards & Affiliation

Polished Apple Awards
California State University
Outstanding Citizen Award
Los Angeles City Council
Distinguished Professor
California State University
Extraordinary Service Award
Wilshire Chamber of Commerce
Belding Award
Advertising Club of Los Angeles

Primary Affiliation

Westwood Hills Homeowners Association (WHPOA)

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases