Airline Pilot Expert 519736 TN

Expertise Description

My career in the field of Aviation has spanned over 10 years with expertise as an Airline transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and experienced Flight Instructor. I have additional experience as a Military Pilot and in Naval Aviation Flight Training. My tactical flying career has taken me around the world with deployments to Africa and Afghanistan.  During my deployment to Afghanistan a "zero-visibility, without reference to the ground" (brown-out) type landing was a common occurrence. I have been honored to receive two Air Medals for combat flying and a 1,000 Mishap-Free Flight Hours award. The majority of my flight time has been with the MV-22B Osprey, with additional experience in large commercial airliners, numerous multi-engine aircraft and single engine military trainers. I am offering my services in Tennessee as an aviation expert witness.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
B.A. Music Education University of Memphis Tennessee

Licenses Certifications

Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument
Medical Certificate: FAA Class I
Airline Transport Pilot: AMEL
Commercial Pilot: SEL/HELO/PL