Arborist Expert 524467 NJ

Expertise Description

I have over 35 years experience as an Arborist with a focus in arboriculture, forensic arboriculture, plant identification, cartography, botany, and horticulture. I have additional knowledge in tree & landscape evaluations, hazard tree analysis, tree inventories, insect and disease diagnosis and control, and tree removals. I have spent more than 15 years providing deposition, consultations, and courtroom testimony as an arboriculture expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

In court, I have testified in tree related fatality, serious injury, and property damage cases in the state of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; I have testified in the court of claims in New York both for and in opposition to the State. I see my role as an expert beginning as a detective, seeking the cause of failure, the visible and discoverable conditions related to failure, and analyzing the actions leading up to failure. As the matter progresses I transition to teacher, instructing my client-attorney how to understand tree failure and tree care issues, how best to depose opposing experts and others presented during discovery, providing analysis of deposition testimony and discovery documents. If the matter goes to trial I become a salesman presenting my theory of failure as a cogent picture of reasonable care and foreseeability or failure in those areas when appropriate.  I have evaluated fellow arborists as part of my investigation and compared their decision-making process and actions to custom, practice, and arboricultural standards.

Professional Experiences

My primary area of expertise is pre and post tree-failure analysis of trees, focusing on the foreseeability of failure, and the time frame that existed prior to failure for reasonable action to have been taken. This necessarily requires a strong understanding of the relationship between tree structure and tree physiology, and an equally strong understanding of the responsibility of tree owners and caregivers under the law. 

As an arborist with over thirty years experience in public and private horticulture, I have a strong understanding of the arboriculture industry, the standards to which we work, and the training and education available and necessary to perform tree work efficiently and safely. I am an experienced teacher and public speaker having taught tree risk assessment to arborists, field data collecting techniques to consultants, and photography to laymen.

I am a capable writer and speaker who understands that the trier of fact is frequently unfamiliar with specialized terms and concepts common in tree care. Reports and testimony must be presented at a level digestible by counsel, the court, and by a jury of the layman.


Degree Subject Institution
The New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture – Bronx NY

Licenses Certifications

Certified Arborist – NJ
Certified Tree Risk Assessor
New York State Vocational Teachers License
Certificate of Merit, The Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY

Awards & Affiliation

The American Society of Consulting Arborists
International Society of Arboriculture
New York State Arborist Association
The American Public Gardens Association
The Society for Industrial Archaeology – Roebling Chapter

Primary Affiliation

The American Society of Consulting Arborists