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Expertise Description

I have spent over 35 years working with Audio, Videography, Cell Phone and Computer Forensics with expertise in audio and video enhancement, surveillance systems analysis, computer drive recovery, changes in registry and damaged/deleted file recovery, network analysis for tracing and password decrypting, spectrographs, spectral 3D -HD Video & 192kHz - 64 bit audio, photo enhancement using Clear-ID, Pixel Stacking & Frame averaging, cell phone extractions and analysis recovering iCloud, Texts, SMS, Social apps, passwords and all deleted files.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

I have worked as a forensic consultant for the United States District Court system, United States Grand Jury system, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes working with Search and Helicopter Rescue and working in technical video/audio for a television studio. My most recent experience includes working for numerous large Multinational Companies as an Audio & Video Forensic.

Relevant Experiences

I do quite a bit of forensic voice comparison. Depending on the language (I’ve worked in 23 countries) we occasionally need to work with a linguist.

The quality of the finding often has to do with the amount of audio we have to work with. Phone calls from a call center will have around a 250Hz to 4,000Hz frequency range on average. The known samples will have to be frequency limited to get an apples to apples comparison. The more audio I have to work with, the better.

There are around 42 technical steps (for the English language) to do a successful voice comparison on the technical end.

Keep in mind that the purpose of sonographs, spectrographs and 3D spectral audio is to eliminate factors on many cases such as background noises, ambience issues etc that could have an impact on the quality of the recording used for comparison.


Degree Subject Institution
Political Science California State University Northridge

Licenses Certifications

Court Certified: Military, Federal, State, Civil & Aviation
Certified Oxygen Forensic Cell Phone Analyst

Awards & Affiliation

Audio Engineering Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
American College of Forensic Examiners International
American Board of Recorded Evidence Standards
Recipient of 39 Emmy Awards – National Association of Television Arts & Sciences for Technical Excellence

Primary Affiliation

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers