ForensisGroup on Racial Injustice in our Society Part 2

Dear ForensisGroup Community,  The ongoing violence towards the Black community such as the murder of Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and Ms. Breonna Taylor, shows us how far our nation remains from equity.  We continue to be pained, saddened, and outraged. But no matter the amount of sorrow or anger, we must find the … Continued

ForensisGroup on Racial Injustice in our Society

The recent unfolding of events from the death of George Floyd has many of us crying for answers to the systemic racism and injustice we witness. We are pained. We are saddened. We are outraged. What are we to do . . . as individuals, as a family, as a company, as a society?  What … Continued

Audit Standards of Review for Attorney Fees

Attorney Fee

By Expert No. 505517, LPCS, RPA In conducting a legal fee audit, the framework of the analysis considers three basic standards: the rules of professional services provided by the California Bar, the retainer agreement and applicable court standards. Those three standards reflect a balance between the interests of the attorney’s client and the economic interests … Continued