Automotive Engineer Expert 519648 AL

Expertise Description

I have more than 45 years of continuous experience in the automotive industry. I have worked for a car manufacturer, an electronic systems and device supplier, and have consulted for the last fifteen years as an independent automotive electronics consultant working with automotive electronics suppliers of many types. I have worked in the industry areas of R&D, applied engineering, development, product engineering, manufacturing engineering, product line management, and business line direction. My entire career has been focused on the development and design of components, subsystems, and systems for use in the automotive industry. I began doing a small amount of expert witness work in 2005, but most of my expert work has taken place since 2013. I have worked on seventeen expert cases, all dealing with automotive technology. Most of these cases have involved work for the defendant, but we have also worked for the plaintiff on some cases. I have spent over 10 years as an automotive engineer expert witness and have experience in drafting declarations, reports, doing prior art investigations, deposition, and court testimony. We have worked on IPRs, District Court cases, and class action filings. While a majority of our cases involve only one client and law firm, we do have experience working with multiple (two to four) clients and their individual law firms on a single case.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes:
• IPRs and District Court Cases
• Markman Hearings
• Depositions
• Court Testimony
While a majority of our work has been supporting defendants, we have also worked on some cases with plaintiffs, including one class action suit. We have also worked on cases with multiple clients (two to four) and their individual law firms all on a single case.
We have experience with small/boutique law firms and very large international firms and are used to adapting to the style of the law firm that we are supporting.
We are able and do work nights and weekends as the case dictates to fulfill our commitments.
We are also comfortable using our automotive experience and technical background to examine relevant prior art material in specific technical archives such as the IEEE and the SAE literature. We have and will continue to use these prior art sources in our Declarations and Depositions.

Consulting Experience

My automotive electronics consulting experience began in 2001 and has continued continuously ever since. While our work from 2001 to 2013 was focused almost totally on traditional automotive consulting, since 2013 until today, approximately 30 to 35% of our effort is in support of our traditional consulting clients and the remaining 65 to 70% of our effort is in support of expert witness work and litigation.
In this consulting work, a majority of our clients are headquartered outside of the US, but our focus with them is with work that assists them in North America with their US-based NA operations and leaders.
Our consulting business from the beginning has always been focused on suppliers to the automotive business, suppliers that either supply directly to or indirectly to vehicle manufacturers (OEMs). All of our work is done under NDAs and we agree upfront to not divulge the names of our clients and the work that we do for them.
The technical areas that we have supported in our consulting includes the broad areas of: navigation, audio, infotainment, telematics, safety systems, engine control, sensor and transducer design and use, closed loop system design, software and app development, system architecture, etc.
Note that these consulting clients cover a wide spectrum of size, age, and revenue from start-ups, embryonic growth companies, established companies with a number of sizeable product lines, and ultimately some supplier/clients that ranked well up into the Fortune 500 and Fortune 100.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes seven years working for the General Motors Corporate Research Labs in research and development of sensors and transducers, 21 years working in various wholly owned systems divisions of General Motors, two years for a very large independent system supplier, and the last fifteen years working as an independent consultant in automotive electronics.
We have worked in the lab, written, published and presented dozens of papers, applied for numerous records of inventions and received three US Patents, led various technical groups, departments, divisions, and business lines and units, all in the area of automotive electronics.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Strategy and Operations University of Michigan – Flint Michigan
Ph.D. Materials Science/Ceramic Engineering Rutgers -The State University – New Brunswick NJ
B.S. Electrical Engineering Cornell University – Ithaca NY

Awards & Affiliation

Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award for Outstanding Society of Automotive Engineers Paper
Arch T. Colwell Merit Award for Outstanding Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Presentation
“Boss” Kettering Technical Award (internal GM, 3 to 5 per year)
Fellow, American Ceramic Society
Delphi Innovation Hall of Fame