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AVIATION Expert WitnessesThe aviation industry is the business sector that pertains to the manufacturing and operating of all types of aircraft. This includes aircraft and parts used for civil, commercial, and military aviation.

Much of the work of aviation expert witnesses from ForensisGroup has its basis in the regulations and investigations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA is the federal aviation agency that defines aviation safety standards in the U.S. This agency promulgates the rules for all aspects of aviation, including aircraft airworthiness standards, noise standards, aircraft and pilot registrations, air traffic controls and airport operations, security, and instruction.

In aviation litigation, a law firm may retain several liability, causation, and damages experts to explain their client’s claim to the jury. Aviation expert witnesses help in this by examining several types of records created and maintained by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). They include public dockets, accident briefs, accident investigation files, and safety recommendation files. These reports frequently list facts related to the accident, determinations of the probable cause(s) of the accident, and safety recommendations to avoid similar accidents in the future. Experts use these reports in aviation cases to provide a litigation blueprint for many cases.

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