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I have more than 40 years in the field of Banking Management and Operations. My expertise includes commercial banking, banking administration, bank policies and procedures, bank secrecy, fidelity breaches, ACH, and fraud. I am highly familiar with fundamentals of bank operations, accounting, negotiable instruments, uniform commercial code, and compliance. My consultations involve organization of new banks, corporate governance, executive recruiting, bank and branch acquisition, operational performance improvement, administrative training, and consolidation. I have prior expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes Banking Operations and Administrative and Corporate Governance Matters.

Relevant Experiences

I possess over 40 years in bank operations; the most recent 28 as a C-level executive in my banks. During the entirety of that time, I have been involved daily in BSA regulations and compliance as they have evolved over the years; the most recent 28 of those years I was the designated BSA Officer for all my banks; wherein the in-depth knowledge of and responsibility for compliance with BSA rested with me.

I have overseen bank transaction processing for over 30 of those years, including but not limited to daily involvement in approving checks, deposits and other deposit account transactions. I have written all operations procedures and policies relative to transaction processing, and trained staff to comply.

For the last 28 years of my banking career, part of my responsibilities included having higher approval limits than all other staff, in order that I was involved in the decision making process for all complex, and high-dollar transactions. As the security officer and chief risk officer, I was also involved whenever there was a suspicion of fraud, or potential loss. As my responsibilities included fraud prevention and Bank Secrecy Act, I also oversaw the process of opening new accounts, establishing risk assessment to accounts, monitoring ongoing risk for BSA within the customer base, and evaluating legitimacy of new accounts opened.

I have extensive involvement with establishing baseline transaction criteria, and then monitoring over time to help determine suspicious activity. I have investigated and subsequently filed many Suspicious Activity Reports in my banks, both surrounding customers, non-customers , and “insiders”.

I am completely knowledgeable about what happens to a bank when it is criticized by federal level regulators for BSA non-compliance, including the issuance of Consent Orders, the enforcement of “look back” requirements, and how “look back” projects are typically conducted. I have opined in several matters where BSA plays a part; in Ponzi schemes, unfaithful employee matters, and other types of cases which involved a BSA component.

In addition, for all of my 40 years I was involved daily at a high level within the Operations of my banks; in countless circumstances I have evaluated deposit accounts for irregularities of all kinds.


BAI Banking Graduate ProgramUniversity of Wisconsin Madison

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