Banking Loans Valuation Expert 318651 GA

Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years experience in management at banks, savings & loans, credit companies, mortgage banking companies, and a governmental financial institution regulatory agency, specializing in economic, valuation, real estate, and banking matters. My expertise includes duty of care, good faith, bank policies and procedures, credit damage, banking regulations, business valuation, economic damages, credit card fraud, savings and loan industry standards, banking industry standards, truth in lending act, feasibility studies, asset appraisal, escrow closing, financial statements, lost wages, embezzlement, intellectual capital, and much more. I have over 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Accounting Malpractice; Receivable Financing; Agricultural Lending; Anti-Money Laundering; Apartment Appraisal/Sale; Asset-based Lending/Valuation; ATM; Auctions; Bailee Letters; Bank: Director and Officer Liability, Employment Practices, Fraud, Investment, Security, Taxes, Trust Department, Ethics, Industry Standard Practices and Procedures; Bankruptcy; Bankruptcy Preference; Bond Registrar/Trustee; Breach of Contract; Business Valuation; Car Finance/Repossession; Cash Letter; Check: Cashing Business, Clearing, Fraud, Kiting, Processing, Scams, Sent for Collection; Checking Account Administration; CHIPS Funds Transfers; Class Action Financial Litigation; Closing Fraud; Collateralized Loan Obligation; Collections; Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities; Construction Lending; Corporate Governance, Officer Duty, Resolutions; Credit Card Operations; Damages; Disability Insurance; Embezzlement; Financial Ethics; Patent Infringement; Wire Transfer.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Business Valuation; Professional Practice Valuation; Intellectual Property Valuation; Patent Valuation; Website Valuation; Feasibility Studies; Marketing Studies; Real Estate Feasibility and Market Studies.

Relevant Experiences

I am an expert in business valuation, and I have a Certificate in Business Valuation from a top Ivy League school.

I am knowledgeable and published on construction loans, including P&P Bonds. I’ve had lots of experience in financial institution bonds purchasing and using the coverage as a banker and also as an expert witness consultant.

I filed a Patent Application on an Internet-based check fraud prevention system a few years ago, and I have been engaged in the past to value patents and groups of patents, and write reports on patent valuation.

My career includes a great deal of experience as a banker and trust department official buying and selling bonds for many years, so I understand the process of underwriting bonds and how various factors affect their value.

Attorneys have engaged me for many securities cases, and I successfully testified on one in New York a couple of years ago where the opposing attorney was the SEC’s previous head of litigation. My client (the head of securities litigation at Holland & Knight) was very pleased.

I have no experience with mining precious metals, but that should not be important except as a consideration in estimating the risk inherent in the bonds, which I certainly can do.

I’ve had numerous cases involving foreclosure, loan transfer, mortgage banking issues.

I have experience working with correspondent relationships in banking, which is what they are talking about when the mention “reciprocity”. I also dealt with this a lot as a banking regulator.


B.A.University of Alabama

Licenses Certifications

Former Texas Real Estate Brokers' License
Former Governmental Banking Regulator
Certified Approved United States Government Contractor
Certificate in Business Valuation

Awards & Affiliation

Awards and Activities: Gold Merit Key Award for Outstanding Service to the University
Outstanding Army ROTC Platoon Leader Award

Primary Affiliation

American Bankers Association

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases