Are you the best and brightest in your industry?

Are you a recognized authority in your area of expertise?

If the answer is yes, we look forward to welcoming you to our highly qualified and select group of experts, consultants and expert witnesses.

ForensisGroup’s experts are leaders in the industry and many have published works in their areas of expertise or are distinguished speakers for various industry organizations.

The majority of our experts have at least 15 to 20 years of professional experience, hold graduate and doctoral degrees and have multiple licenses and certifications.

It takes experience, education, credibility, and integrity to become an expert with ForensisGroup.

For over 25 years, ForensisGroup has been raising the bar for expert witness referral, having matched experts in over 30,000 cases nationwide. Over that time, we have garnered a reputation as the nation’s most respected expert witness referral service.

We have developed a quick and efficient process of matching our clients with the best experts.

You hold the right to accept clients based on your expertise, interest and availability. Our highly trained staff provides you with administrative support while you focus on your cases as you see fit.

ForensisGroup is not involved in any way with the opinions of our experts.

To get started, Email us at or Call Us Now at (800) 555-5422.

ForensisGroup’s services are entirely free to experts. You will benefit from a robust and proven marketing program featuring:

  • A ForensisGroup website with an A grade from Alexa site audit
  • A highly successful search engine optimization (SEO) program that boasts top rankings in Google and Bing
  • An extensive SEM or PPC campaign
  • Presence at conventions and trade shows
  • A social media program
  • Multiple listings in important industry publications
  • Ads, banners and listings in internet expert directories
  • Sponsorship, PR and business development in many legal and bar associations
  • Several other special projects





How to Become an Expert


To help ensure the success of our partnership we ask that you:

Partner with us and we will match you with cases that are relevant to your expertise. We will handle the referrals, as well as the marketing and administrative aspects of our association. You will also be able to maintain your authority as an independent expert in complete control of the technical and scientific aspects of your work.

Our Experts Say

exp3“Forensisgroup has been instrumental to my forensic practice. Their staff is extremely professional and efficient which immediately reflects upon the quality and expertise of their members.

Through the years they have helped me increase my workload and they have been extremely valuable when it comes to referrals and collections. I endorse them without any reservations and advise any experts, that would like to increase their exposure, to join this wonderful group.”

Dr. M.B.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

exp1“ForensisGroup has been one of the best things I have uncovered in my 18 years performing forensics as a construction expert. Up until 7 years ago when I first signed on with them, I was constantly working to market myself, get an appropriate contract out, keep track of billings and payments and trying to collect. Needless to say this was all un-reimbursed time on my part and I was less focused on what I do best, forensics.

The Forensis Group does what they do best which now permits me to do the same. A perfect relationship and my case load now is fantastic both in quantity and diversity. All of their people are highly knowledgeable and attentive to the experts needs.”

Construction Expert Witness

exp2“I have been a marketing consultant and expert witness for many years. On occasion, a client, even if they are very happy with your services, does not pay your invoice. In 2009, I was the marketing expert for a Forensis Group client. Shortly after my deposition, the client was able to secure a favorable settlement. Both the attorney and the client were very happy with the services provided by me and the Forensis Group. Unfortunately, the client resisted payment. I was very pleased that the Forensis Group team was able to secure payment.

During the collection process, the Forensis Group team kept me informed of their progress. Not only did the Forensis Group provide me with the client, they also handled all of the complexities of collection. Thanks!”

MBA, Business Expert Witness

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