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Letters from the CEO of ForensisGroup Expert Witness Service

AAPI – Mercy T. Steenwyk Letter

May 06, 2021 Mercy T. Steenwyk

In 2020, we frightfully witnessed 150% increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans in all major U.S. cities. The atrocity of this racial violence is alarming and reached a turning point, a critical juncture. Something needs to be done.... Read More

Social Justice – Mercy T. Steenwyk Letter

April 22, 2021 Mercy T. Steenwyk

Yesterday marked an important moment in time when justice was served on the death of George Floyd. Society makes its members accountable. Though there is a lot more work to do, the guilty verdict is a step toward significant change in the fight against systemic racism, the fight for social justice, for human rights. As we, the generations of today write our own history, we are called upon to help make this an enduring change.... Read More

A Letter From Mercy T. Steenwyk, President and CEO of ForensisGroup

January 13, 2021 Mercy T. Steenwyk

I am an immigrant. I grew up looking up to America as the beacon of democracy, which, unquestionably, is what makes this nation the land of opportunities, of limitless possibilities.... Read More

ForensisGroup on Racial Injustice in our Society Part 2

July 09, 2020 Mercy T. Steenwyk

The ongoing violence towards the Black community such as the murder of Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, and Ms. Breonna Taylor, shows us how far our nation remains from equity. ... Read More

ForensisGroup Observes Juneteenth to Support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

June 15, 2020 Mercy T. Steenwyk

ForensisGroup is committed to combating systemic racism and injustice. To further support the call for change and raise our voices in solidarity, ForensisGroup, as a firm, will observe Juneteenth as a paid day off. Juneteenth is the day designated to celebrate the end of slavery.... Read More

ForensisGroup on Racial Injustice in our Society

June 01, 2020 Mercy T. Steenwyk

The recent unfolding of events from the death of George Floyd has many of us crying for answers to the systemic racism and injustice we witness. We are pained. We are saddened. We are outraged.... Read More

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