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A Letter From Mercy T. Steenwyk, President and CEO of ForensisGroup

Mercy T. Steenwyk

January 13, 2021

"To uphold the tenets of our democracy - an urgent responsibility.." Mercy T. Steenwyk

I am an immigrant. I grew up looking up to America as the beacon of democracy, which, unquestionably, is what makes this nation the land of opportunities, of limitless possibilities.

The insurrection that happened on January 6, 2020 at the U.S. Capitol was a shock! It was the sight and sound of a beacon crashing down. It was a scary manifestation of how fragile this beacon can be if we are not vigilant in protecting it.

This event makes it clear that each one of us has an urgent responsibility – to uphold the tenets of our democracy in every moment of our everyday.

After all, this democracy is for us—the whole population—and how we live our lives, treat each other, and reach our highest potential. After all, we only have each other’s humanity to help us achieve the full measure of our lives.

As a team, we do what we can. Doing what we can always starts with the acts of kindness and compassion to ourselves, our family, friends, team members, our communities, and the society at large.

Kindness and compassion beget kindness and compassion.

Every act will move us further into understanding and affording each other the due respect and compassion we need.

Every little act, every moment, with everybody, and by everyone, will collectively nurture a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world.

This is the kind of world that will ensure the life of our democracy and all the principles behind it. This is the kind of world that will enable us to live our best lives. After all, this democracy is for all of us.

Our mission of uncovering the truth to change human experience for the better and to be part of the solution is our overarching goal to do what we can to be part of our democracy.

Let us not, for a moment, think that every act of kindness, fairness, and inclusion does not matter. It matters greatly. Our purpose matters.


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