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ForensisGroup Observes Juneteenth to Support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Mercy T. Steenwyk

June 15, 2020

ForensisGroup is committed to combating systemic racism and injustice. To further support the call for change and raise our voices in solidarity, ForensisGroup, as a firm, will observe Juneteenth as a paid day off. Juneteenth is the day designated to celebrate the end of slavery.

Juneteenth will be a time for us to do our part in moving the needle in this historic shift. How do we do it? We want to take this time to celebrate, educate and act.

We believe education and a growth mindset is a value. With core values deeply rooted in social consciousness and social responsibility (SCSR), ForensisGroup initiated, FG Give Back (FGGB), a program that focuses on education for both the underserved and for us.

We want to do our part by learning more, educating ourselves about the painful moments and challenges we face today and communicating our thoughts and beliefs. We want to engage in conversations that may be uncomfortable at first but will make a difference in the end. We want to connect with each other, our family, our friends, our neighbors and people in our community crying for change. This knowledge and heightened understanding will pave the way to supportiveness, active compassion and strengthening of our own values.

At ForensisGroup, who we are is our why – our mission of truth and being part of the solution of what ails society today. We know this is powerful in supporting our long-held belief in equality, diversity and inclusion.

This is Juneteenth at ForensisGroup. We do what we can and do it with our minds, hearts and actions.


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