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ForensisGroup on Racial Injustice in our Society

Mercy T. Steenwyk

June 01, 2020

The recent unfolding of events from the death of George Floyd has many of us crying for answers to the systemic racism and injustice we witness.

We are pained. We are saddened. We are outraged.

What are we to do . . . as individuals, as a family, as a company, as a society? What can we do? Where do we start? What steps can we take to combat injustice? Where does change start?

I share my belief with you that change starts from within. The anguish we feel now sends us right back into ourselves to dig deep and root out any biases and prejudices we might have. Understand the pain of others. Understand people different from us. Accept and respect our differences.

At ForensisGroup, we do not tolerate racism, prejudice, hatred or violence in any form or at any time. We are governed by core values of respect, kindness, acceptance, support. A behavior that upholds what we stand for. A growth mindset to educate and respect all perspectives where everyone can contribute. A strategy of excellence in human connection that directly combats divisiveness, racism and inequality.

As informed citizens driven with a mission of truth and to be part of the solution, let us do what we can. Bravely and boldly raise our voices, raise awareness, cast our ballots. Be part of the change to move the world toward equality and justice for all.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mercy T. Steenwyk President & CEO, ForensisGroup


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