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Social Justice – Mercy T. Steenwyk Letter

Mercy T. Steenwyk

April 22, 2021

“The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.“ James Baldwin

Yesterday marked an important moment in time when justice was served on the death of George Floyd. Society makes its members accountable. Though there is a lot more work to do, the guilty verdict is a step toward significant change in the fight against systemic racism, the fight for social justice, for human rights. As we, the generations of today write our own history, we are called upon to help make this an enduring change.

“Daddy changed the world,” says 7 year-old Gianna, daughter of Mr. Floyd as her father’s death sparked a movement against injustice and racism across the nation and across the globe.

There is no better call to action than what 7 year-old Gianna uttered. It is up to us. I say, every day, when we choose to treat each other with understanding, compassion, respect, and choose to stay engaged, we become part of the growing momentum in society to make this change last and impact the many generations to come.

At FG, we do our very best. It is in the very purpose of our being as a company – serve the truth, serve justice, change human experience for the better. It is in our values, in our minds and hearts to work toward a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world. Social justice through our service keeps us going in a most purposeful way.

Though this verdict may be a temporary sigh of relief, I know that the times have been very difficult, very tough. We have been confronted by many painful incidents in society. These are our times, our times where we are called upon to make a difference, to “not take nor leave the world as it is when we came in,” and, for this, we have each other to lean on. Let us be each other’s support system.




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