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Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years of experience in Civil Engineering with multiple engineering emphasis such as: Soil, Transportation and Traffic, Architectural Design, and I am also a licensed General Engineer and Building Contractor. I have built and designed custom homes, highways and roadways, and traffic signals and interchanges. I have experience with traffic control, and also retaining walls, slope repairs, townhomes, apartments, single-family homes, expansions and retrofits, and railroad construction. I have expertise in the California Building Code, seismic retrofits, manual uniform traffic control devices, cost estimating, scheduling, highway design manual, traffic manual, and public works standard plans and specifications. I have more than 5 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes Trench construction, Fire sprinkler design, Slip and Fall, Foundational Movement, Foundation deck plan, Utility Design, Home Alignment / Survey, and Slope Movement.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include Design / build slide repair with five homes; Soil reports for various custom homes; Gas station projects; Offsite development, high rise steel construction, podium construction; Home improvement projects; Instruction of OSHA courses to many employees; Alignment of streets, traffic engineering, layout of signals.

Relevant Experiences

I was the responsible engineer and contractor for a gas station we designed and built. I deal with subdivision every day. I am also an OSHA instructor. I have worked on the design and been involved in many public transit and railing systems.

I just finished the design on a home in Hollywood Hill. Complete a building in West Hollywood and about to break ground on a very similar case. I am also working on a very similar case in San Jose in which foundation was under designed. I don’t charge for travel. I have been in trial with close to 5 cases on a similar type and worked on over 40 cases due to the foundation.

I have designed and constructed close to 10 playgrounds and are currently working one right now. A large portion of the playgrounds had volleyball courts with some grass and other concrete. I am very experienced with this design. I have also worked on approximately 20 cases involving playgrounds, volleyball and tennis courts on the forensic analysis side.

I am working right now on parking lot dispute. There are issues with parking lot layout, signage etc.

I have been designated in court as safety expert and teacher in OSHA standard. We are working with a construction issue defect for a major hotel inn. We are full a design/build company that is designing and constructing commercial buildings so very aware of all current issues. We have also worked on close to 75 wheelchair ADA cases to date.
We are also experts in ADA issues as an active designer and builder.

I am installing a large development in San Jose with a playground and landscape of 20,000 square feet right now. I have installed close to 1 million square feet of playground area in the Bay Area and Los Angeles area.

I am an active general engineering contractor and civil engineer, and have been to trial close to 30 times with 3-6 times addressing heavy construction. I am moving 30,000 cubic yards of dirt next month.

I am working on two playground accident cases in California right now and have done close to 15 playground cases. I have also built almost 20 developments with playgrounds.

I have designed and am in construction of a mid-rise hotel, a commercial building that is 10 stories tall with a parking structure and am working on a 4 story building right now.

I have used the Diedrich D50 Drill in placing almost 5 miles of soil nail walls in Half Moon Bay, CA. I am very experience with this drill for soil exploration.

A few years back I designed and installed a park/sports complex so I’m very familiar with standards. Last year I worked on a personal injury litigation with the child falling over a sports fence. I understand ADA rules, conditions, etc. for public use.

I am an engineer in civil / structural with a masters degree and a contractor and currently placing light weight concrete flooring and framing. Please refer me with no conflict

We just finished a 450 unit apartment complex in San Jose and about to start a new one in Riverside, CA. We work with light weight concrete everyday…have done over 4000 units with light weight concrete.

I have designed and constructed many grade crossings with Southern Pacific Railroad and Caltrans and am actively working in this capacity. I have also been to court and designated an expert in railroad design and grade crossing (road intersects railroad). We have a northern CA office and don’t charge for travel. I also have advanced studies in railroad design with master’s degree. I also work closely with BART and Valley Transportation on rail design.

I have evaluated over 4000 units form condo and apartments to custom homes. I have worked on over 50 American Disability cases.


Degree Subject Institution
M.S. Civil Engineering San Jose State University
B.S. Civil Engineering San Jose State University

Licenses Certifications

Registered Civil Engineer for State of California
Licensed General Engineering and Building Contractor
OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) Instructor for State of California

Primary Affiliation

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)