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Expertise Description

I am a Building Contractor and Inspector with over 40 years of hands-on field experience. My areas of expertise include defective construction analysis, cost estimating, and construction scheduling and delays, as well as; plan and code compliance, document analysis, summaries and reports, evaluation of change order costs; estimates of repair for property loss from fire, flood, water and earthquake damage; construction management, on-site inspections, and project supervision.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes construction cost and contract analysis, black water damage and renovation in residential homes, as well as water intrusion analysis, real estate disclosure in sale of custom homes and light commercial projects, construction defects in custom homes, standard of care and code compliance, analysis of findings by Franchise Tax Board for custom home, compliance to plans and specifications, fire and water damage insurance claims, change order analysis, and allocation of responsibility.

Relevant Experiences

I have been in the Custom Home business since 1972 when I started as a carpenter. Since 1977 I have been a General Contractor with an emphasis in Custom Residential Homes.

I am an International Code Council Building Safety Professional. I have the experience and knowledge to inspect for compliance to building codes and to determine if a given structure was built according to the approved plans and/or acceptable building standards. I can identify and address deterioration caused by poor maintenance.

I have been designated as an expert in cases involving standard of care for a general contractor and subcontractors in regards to accidents concerning skylight openings on roof tops by a subcontractor and use of scaffolding by subcontractors installed by others. As a general contractor for over 35 years I am familiar with the level of responsibility for general contractors and subcontractors on job sites.

Licenses Certifications

California General Building Contractor
Certified Building Inspector
Certified Instructor – International Code Council
Building Inspector – California Department of Consumer Affairs
California Disaster Service Worker
Certificate of Training: Industry Expert Program
California Contractors State License Board