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Expertise Description

With more than 25 years experience in civil infrastructures, I have spent my career working with building systems, balconies, parking garages, bridge piers, and decks. I have additional knowledge in forensic and failure investigation and litigation support on building envelopes; roofing systems; balconies; pavements and runways; parking structures; as well as material testing, including concrete, aluminum, steel, anchor bolts and asphalt. Through investigation and engineering analysis, I am able to determine the causes of structural performance issues, such as structural distress, excessive displacement, or excessive vibrations to partial or total structural collapse. I have also spent over 25 years offering consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony as a Buildings Construction Expert Witness in Illinois.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

Several years ago, I evaluated a series of single story and double story residential homes for structural integrity. A sister community approximately five miles east was wiped out during a hurricane. As a result of the investigation, it was concluded most of the homes were not adequately constructed, and had to be repaired and brought up to code. The case was settled, with a significant dollar amount that covered all the necessary repair work that had to be performed, without the homeowners having to contribute to the repairs.
I also evaluated a roofing system of a healthcare facility. Part of the roofing system had been compromised twice during high winds. The investigation noted very poor quality control on the roofing system, resulting in a combination of errors. The main cause of failure was concluded to the poor roofing substrate. The roofing substrate has weakened planes, as a result of poor placement techniques during installation. The weakened planes failed during the high winds, as the upward forces exceed the tensile strength, leaving the facility exposed. The case was settled, with the settlement paying for all expenses of a total roof replacement, in addition to all experts’ fees.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience over the past 25 years has dealt with construction defects, material assessment, water infiltration, structural assessments, roofing failure and handrail failure. I specialize in utilizing the latest nondestructive testing techniques in all my evaluations where possible. The nondestructive testing has allowed me to sample and collect data over the entire project in a short amount of time, allowing me obtain a complete picture of the project and problems at hand. Additionally, my knowledge of construction material and the respective failure mechanism has allowed me to tackle problems from both a material as well as a structure point of view.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes over 25 years of evaluation, working in three continents. I have been involved in multiple forensic investigations and have been successfully provided the desired outcome for my clients. I have worked with both small and large companies; several of my current clients are Fortune 500 companies. I have taught classes on structural evaluation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I have been the key/invited speaker, highlighting my experience and knowledge in forensic investigations in the United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore and here in the US. Additionally, I co-authored a book for the Nuclear Regulation Agency on evaluation techniques, and have published numbers articles on the subject. I hold two patents, one in the US and one international patent.

Relevant Experiences

I am a licensed Professional Engineer and author, with more than thirty years of forensic experience in accessing a wide variety of civil structures and twenty plus years of management team experience providing strategic planning and direction for the company. I also have domestic and international business experience with high profile projects.

I have extensive experience in evaluating building structures for defects and whether specifications and local building codes were violated. I have also evaluated deterioration from building components due to material failure or incompatibility. I have also developed an algorithm whereby corrosion hot spots can be identified and addressed prior to failure. I worked on different nondestructive testing methods, including Ground Penetrating Radar and Infrared Thermography, as part of my graduate thesis for my Master’s Degree. Through investigation and engineering analysis, I have been able to determine the causes of structural performance issues, such as structural distress, excessive displacement, or excessive vibrations to partial or total structural collapse. To date, I have provided expert witness evaluations on more than twenty three different cases, have testified in court, and been involved in arbitration and mediation. I utilize the latest investigative technology, including nondestructive testing methods on all my cases, which allows me to obtain a complete overall picture of the issues at hand.

I am a nationally recognized forensic expert with more than thirty years of construction / forensic experience. I have evaluated concrete structures in over ten different countries and has performed over two thousand assessments on material and structural failures. I have investigated multiple roofing issues and recently completed a roofing failure case in Texas and a roof collapse in Fishers, Indiana. The roofing failure that occurred in the Texas case involved standard of care issues where the builder did not exercise adequate quality control during construction, resulting in a catastrophic failure during a hurricane. With my materials/structural engineering background, I have evaluated failures due to design deficiencies and poor construction practice; failure to practice adequate quality control, material deterioration due to incompatibility or exposure to the harsh environment or chemical attacks.

I have been an expert in over twenty different cases utilizing his experience and thorough investigation and engineering process, which has allowed him to determine the underlying causes of performance failures. I have testified in court and involved in arbitration and mediation proceedings. I have authored and co-authored twenty-two technical publications and has published a book on nuclear power plant assessment. I have been invited to be the main speaker at seminars in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Singapore.


Degree Subject Institution
M.S. Civil Engineering University of New Hampshire
B.S. Civil Engineering University of New Hampshire

Licenses Certifications

Licensed Professional Engineer –Florida, Illinois and Indiana

Awards & Affiliation

US Patents: Pavement Crack Initiator
International Patent: Arrangement And Method For Inspecting An Object, In Particular A Building