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Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years experience working in and with k-12 schools around issues of safety, access, equity, and diversity. I was a high school teacher for five years and my research expertise focuses on bullying and harassment, school safety, school policies, and gender and sexual diversity issues in K-12 schools. I am the author or editor of four books on gender, bullying, and sexualities in schools and have published over 40 articles and book chapters. I am also offering my services as an school/education expert witness in Colorado.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have worked on bullying cases by reviewing documents, providing expert insight for counsel, and testifying as an expert witness.

Consulting Experience

I have worked with schools and school districts to educate their teachers, administrators, and community members about issues related to gender equity, bullying, harassment and support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. I provide keynote talks, educational workshops, policy analysis, and individual consulting on complex or unique situations. I have worked with schools and educational organizations as a consultant in the U.S., Europe, and Canada since 2005.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes being a high school teacher and coach in private college preparatory schools for five years and teacher educator in the United States and Canada for over 10 years. My work primarily involves teaching future teachers, and coordinating academic programs that license future teachers. Additionally, my scholarship has focused on law and policy issues in schools that relate directly to issues of school safety, equity, diversity, and access.


Ph.D. Education McGill University Montreal CANADA
M.A. Education University of Colorado Boulder
B.A. French Tulane University New Orleans LA

Awards & Affiliation

National Educational Policy Center, Fellow
American Educational Research Association, Member

Primary Affiliation

National Educational Policy Center