CPA Not an “Expert” in Financial Fraud Case

A jury convicted the Defendant in Indiana of 15 counts of wire fraud, four counts of money laundering, and one count of securities fraud for his participation in a fraudulent investment scheme. In 2009, a self-described financial advisor began creating financial investment business entities and soliciting startup capital from family and friends. He directed individuals … Continued

Largest and Most Complex Automotive Recall in U.S. History

Car Recall Maintenance. Automotive Recall Concept. Technician Preparing Vehicle For the Repair.

On January 4, 2018, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brendan Shannon in Wilmington, DE, gave auto supplier Takata’s creditors the green light to vote on the bankrupt company’s Chapter 11 plan. Takata filed for bankruptcy in June 2017 during a massive recall of its defective airbags. The company manufactures and sells motor vehicle seat belts, airbags, steering … Continued

Medical Negligence Case: Patient Receives Infection After Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Experts

Oral surgery expert witnesses are knowledgeable in surgery complications following tooth removal, rehabilitative dentistry, restorative implants, endodontics, periodontics, and additional oral surgery procedures. Oral surgery litigation may result from alleged surgery errors, unforeseen side effects, prescribing the wrong post-surgery medication, or other unexpected problems occurring before, during, or after surgery. In Augusta, Maine, jurors found … Continued

Drone Incidents and Near-Misses at Airports

Drone equipped with camera flying in the air

The market for remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) systems, commonly known as drones, is expanding. The three main segments of the industry are consumer drones, enterprise drones, and government drones. As a result of this growth, RPA manufacturers and operators are seeking greater access to airspace. The International Air Transport Association, Airports Council International, and the … Continued

The Digital Pill Presents Privacy Issues

Chip on pill with medicine box.

In November, the FDA approved Abilify MyCite, a pill with a sensor that digitally monitors whether a patient has taken his or her medication. It’s a significant advance in the growing field of digital devices designed to monitor medicine-taking and to address the expensive, longstanding problem of patients failing to take their meds as prescribed. … Continued

Arizona Supreme Court Explains Application of Rule of Evidence 615 to Expert Witnesses in Med Mal Case

Rule of evidence 615 experts

Arizona Rule of Evidence 615 (“the Rule”) provides that a trial court, at a party’s request, “must order witnesses excluded so that they cannot hear other witnesses’ testimony.” That rule was called into question recently when a patient sued her doctor of chiropractic for medical malpractice. Plaintiff alleged that Defendant negligently performed a chiropractic adjustment … Continued

A History of Expert Witnesses in Federal Courts

Black and White of Expert Witness in Federal Courtroom

Introduction: Expert witnesses have been a part of litigation for longer than many people realize. In fact, the earliest time that an expert witness was known to take part in a lawsuit was in 1782, when an engineer testified in court in England. See, e.g., Yorkshire Reporter, “John Smeaton,”Jan. 22, 2014, available at, (last … Continued

Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Expert Disqualified due to Confidential Information

Pharmaceutical industry regulatory expert witnesses

In 2014, a federal magistrate issued a preliminary injunction in a suit in which the State of New York alleged the pharmaceutical manufacturer (“Manufacturer “) attempted to effectuate a “hard switch” from a twice-daily drug that treats moderate-to-severe stages of Alzheimer’s disease to a pharmacologically identical drug only taken once a day. The State alleged … Continued

Influencer Marketing, Legalities, & Expert Witnesses

Influencer Marketing Experts

Introduction: In recent years, there has been a robust and lively debate over what types of marketing are the most effective, as well as which ones may face the most significant ethical and/or legal complications. Of late, more and more companies have been utilizing a tool called “influencer marketing,” particularly on social media. In fact, … Continued

Poor Product Factors That Lead to Product Safety Lawsuits

Product safety lawsuits involving personal injury may allege poor product design or manufacturing, as well as human factors and misuse of the product. In the news, Ikea relaunched a recall on approximately 17.3 million chests and dressers in the U.S. states, “The recalled chests and dressers are unstable if they are not properly anchored to … Continued

When & Why Expert Witnesses Are Needed

Expert Witnesses

Introduction: In civil litigation, expert witnesses have become a valuable and often necessary part of a case, and their opinions and testimony can pave the way to success at trial. As some legal analysts explain, “Experts may not only be critical to the introduction of evidence (i.e. testimonial experts), but may also play a key … Continued

Wastewater Contamination Calls for Environmental Engineering Expert

In Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Tropical Audubon Society Incorporated v. Florida Power & Light Company, the power company was charged with violating the Clean Water Act. Florida Power & Light’s nuclear power reactors at Turkey Point are allegedly leaking polluted water into Biscayne Bay. Plaintiffs state that FPL has created a large saltwater … Continued

Ninth Circuit Reverses Decision to Exclude Police Practices Expert Testimony

The Ninth Circuit recently heard an appeal of a Plaintiff who alleged that his constitutional rights were violated when he was arrested while volunteering to observe an interagency government operation to herd buffalo into Yellowstone National Park. Among the issues on appeal was the district court’s exclusion of his expert witness. During the incident, Plaintiff … Continued

Ethical Issues in an Attorney-Expert Witness Relationship

Introduction When retaining and working with expert witnesses, attorneys have a number of matters to consider to ensure that their interactions with such experts are ethical. This article examines some of the common ethical considerations involved in this dynamic by the American Bar Association (ABA). Discussion Engaging Expert Witnesses One ethical issue that the ABA … Continued

New Class Action Litigation Involving a Nutrition Company

Class Action Expert Witnesses

A nutrition company (Defendant) based in Los Angeles may have thought that the $200 million settlement with the government would end all the nutrition-shake company’s fraudulent business practices, but a new Miami class action claims more illegalities. The company’s settlement with the FTC last year prohibited the company from engaging in certain business practices, such … Continued

Defamation and Food Products: A Settlement of Note

Introduction: Within the past few weeks, a major case has been settled, one that entailed allegations by a meat producer that a major television network had made defamatory claims about its products. See, e.g., Daniel Victor, “ABC Settles With Meat Producer in ‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Case,” The New York Times, Jun. 28, 2017.  The case … Continued

Contract Disputes: Lawsuit Between State and Global Security Company

Contract Disputes Experts

Northrop Grumman filed a lawsuit against the state of Virginia in May over contractual disagreements. The state countersued in June. Virginia Information Technologies alleges the global security company is responsible for delays and costs in canceling a $2.4B contract. The VITA countersuit cites “inadequate knowledge transfer” and “NG’s refusal to perform necessary transition activities, and … Continued

Motion to Strike Legal Expert’s Testimony on Insurance Coverage Denied

An Alabama compounding pharmacy brought an action against their general liability insurer, asserting claims of breach of insurance contract, bad faith failure to investigate, and bad faith denial of a claim. All the claims arise from Defendant’s denial of coverage, including defense and indemnification, to Plaintiff’s underlying lawsuit. In that action, Plaintiff maintained that the issue … Continued

ForensisGroup’s CEO featured in Philippine News

Article Originally Appeared in the Philippine News Written by Lydia V. Solis Rosemead, CA – “Queng leon queng tigre ecu tatacut, queca pa?” That’s how Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk, a petite native from Lubao, Pampanga, got everyone’s attention when she spoke before a group of young professionals on July 24, at the Southern California Edison employee … Continued

Patents in the Gaming Industry & Process-Based Patents

Recently, a Texas federal court issued an opinion against a large gaming manufacturer, based on another company’s claim of patent infringement. This case was somewhat unique in that it involved an alleged patent on a process, rather than a product. This article examines the legal issues at play and discusses the future legal action contemplated … Continued

Environmental Lawsuit: Compensation for Environmental Contamination

Environmental Contamination Experts

Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed an environmental lawsuit against an agricultural company in King County (WA) Superior Court. The lawsuit seeks damages and cleanup costs associated with the polychlorinated PCB contamination in Washington from biphenyls (PCBs) that the company produced for decades. The AG office states: The agricultural company was the only U.S. company to … Continued

Age Discrimination Expert Testimony Can Be Crucial

Age Discrimination Experts

Age discrimination involves treating an applicant or employee less favorably because of his or her age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older. In the news a former employee (Plaintiff) has accused her company (Defendant) of age discrimination. Plaintiff worked as a maintenance technician at … Continued

Credit Card Industry Expert’s Qualifications Questioned by Federal Judge in Michigan

Recently, a motion to exclude an expert witness was heard by a judge in the Eastern District of Michigan in a dispute over credit reporting and credit card charge-off procedures. Case Background Plaintiff alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and that Defendant Credit Card Company (“Creditor”) reported his delinquent credit card account to … Continued

Music Law Litigation and Expert Witnesses

Music Law Experts

When Billboard enumerated its picks for the top music lawyers in the industry, it also provided an illuminating look at the various legal issues music attorneys tackle. See Billboard Staff, “Billboard’s 2017 Top Music Lawyers Revealed, Led By Joel Katz,” Billboard Magazine, Jul. 17, 2017. This article examines some of those issues and addresses how … Continued

Expert Witness Fees: Billing Increments

When determining how to document the work they have done and the amount of time each task has taken, expert witnesses, like attorneys, have certain options available. In cases where an expert is paid on an hourly basis, there are different methods that are used to calculate and bill for the proper amount. This article … Continued

Self-Driving Tech Company in Trial for Trade Secret Theft

A trade secret litigation between two autonomous car development companies is scheduled for trial in October. The Northern District of California complaint alleges that a former employee took 14,000 proprietary files and used them to create a new startup in which the tech corporation later acquired. Plaintiff accuses its former engineer of taking driverless car trade secrets with … Continued

Appeal for Contract Dispute: Expert Witness Not Designated During Discovery


A litigant in a contract dispute recently appealed from a judgment which modified the amount in favor of Appellee from $147,000 to $132,000. Inter alia, the litigant (“Appellant”) contended that the trial court erred in its interpretation of the contract, improperly precluding its expert testimony. Appellant sold a pizza shop to Appellee for $625,000. After … Continued

Gastroenterology Expert Used to Support Acne Drug Litigation

Over 2000 product liability lawsuits have been reinstated against Defendant, a large pharmaceutical healthcare company by users of the acne drug Accutane. Plaintiffs allege they developed severe bowel disease after taking the medication. Lawsuits accused Defendant of knowing there was a link between Accutane and gastrointestinal symptoms. The acne drug was taken off the market in 2009. … Continued

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: Legal Issues & Expert Witnesses

Introduction: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular over the past few years, which has been caused, in part, by two factors: many legitimate large businesses have begun to accept them as payment options, and the value of Bitcoin, in particular, has substantially increased. Because these cryptocurrencies have evolved so quickly, there are a … Continued

Expert Testimony at the Center of Insurance Sales Dispute

In an action over the marketing and sales of insurance products, a plaintiff IMO (“independent marketing organization”) sought to strike the defendant insurance company’s expert witness. In their motion, Plaintiffs, inter alia, asserted that the insurance expert didn’t set out verifiable standards for his analysis, identify who created these standards, or explain their relevance. Defendant … Continued

The Legality and Gravity of Price Fixing

Fixed Price

What constitutes price fixing? According to the Department of Justice Antitrust Division: Price fixing is an agreement among competitors to raise, fix, or otherwise maintain the price at which their goods or services are sold. It is not necessary that the competitors agree to charge exactly the same price, or that every competitor in a … Continued

Wage and Hour Case: Employees Not Paid Overtime Wages

A company will pay $717,202 in back pay and damages to settle claims by the U.S. Department of Labor that it broke rules laid out in the Fair Labor Standards Act. The company was found to not have paid overtime to employees who were on the job more than forty hours a week as well … Continued

Litigation Trends in the ADA and Web Content

Introduction: 2016 saw a very large number of lawsuits, particularly class actions, which pertained to alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and whether certain companies’ web content was accessible to disabled people in a way that comports with the Act’s requirements. See, e.g., Lewis Wiener & Alexander Fuchs, “Trending: ADA Website Accessibility … Continued

Medical Malpractice Case: Hospitalist Testimony Can Be Crucial

abstract medical health care innovation concept background

What is a hospitalist?  Hospitalists are physicians skilled in all types of medical treatment administered within the hospital setting. Hospitals serve many different patients with a wide spectrum of conditions. Standard of care is especially relevant in any type of hospital service, particularly when significant decisions must be made immediately. When allegations of medical negligence … Continued

ForensisGroup’s CEO featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal: All CEOs Are Driven – The Good Ones Know Where They’re Going

This article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal. By Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk When I came to the United States from the Philippines as a 25-year-old, I had a journalism degree and virtually nothing else. After working for a short time as a marketing consultant in construction, I noticed the need for the construction … Continued

New England Compounding Center Found Guilty of Fraud

The owner and head pharmacist of New England Compounding Center was found guilty of racketeering and fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison. In 2012, 753 patients in 20 states were diagnosed with a fungal infection after being injected with contaminated medical steroids manufactured by NECC. Sixty-four patients in nine states died in what … Continued

Wage and Hour Dispute: Shift Manager Not Paid Overtime Wages

Dead line concept with businessman holding his head and flying w

In a wage and hour dispute, a former shift manager has accused the company of not paying him overtime wages. The Fortune 500 e-commerce company is based in Seattle, WA. Plaintiff worked in several warehouses in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Contra Costa County Superior Court lawsuit, plaintiff states that upon his hiring, … Continued

Litigation in the Medical Device Industry

Modern monitoring equipment in hospital

Introduction: Medical devices, which are regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and governed by the US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), are often the subject of various types of lawsuits. This article examines some of the more common types of litigation that arise in the medical device industry and discusses … Continued

Toxic Tort Case: Expert’s opinion on causation is crucial

The US Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, affirmed summary judgment in favor of the defendant in a toxic tort claim. The plaintiffs blamed the glue manufacturer for neurological and psychological problems that the plaintiff experienced after exposure to the company’s adhesive. Discovery lasted for over three years with the district court finding that the evidence … Continued

E-Cigarette Litigation and Expert Witnesses

e-cigarette expert witness

  Cases against the e-cigarette industry are piling up, and this trend is likely to continue, as more consumers are attracted to the products in that market. The cases are largely product liability cases, but other types also exist, and there are a number of implications for this explosion of cases. Discussion: As the National … Continued

Car Seats Recall May Require Product Safety Experts

The text Product Recall appearing behind torn brown paper

Graco Children’s Products Inc. is recalling more than 25,000 car seats that might not adequately restrain children during a crash. The recall affects eight different models of the “’My Ride 65’” convertible car seats which were manufactured between May and August 2014. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the webbing in these car … Continued

In-House Expert Witness Held to Rule 26 Reporting Requirements in Clean Energy Litigation

A clean tech startup entered into a license agreement with Plaintiff and Corporation. The agreement gave the startup license to manufacture products and use the intellectual property related to Plaintiff’s energy catalyzer technology without the harmful byproduct associated with nuclear reaction processes. Plaintiff accused Defendant of breaching a licensing contract for his technology. As part … Continued

CNV Contributes to the Genomic Diversity & Performance During Fermentation in Wine Yeast

Further scientific development of wine strains suggests that greater variation of these strains must be introduced in order to provide improved fermentation performance in wine making. Fortunately, recently published research demonstrates that genomic structural variants such as copy number variants provide substantial genetic diversity among wine yeast. More importantly, these findings suggest differences in yeast performance … Continued

Construction Litigation: Managing Risks and Investigations

Introduction: Whenever commercial construction takes place, the risk of an accident exists. With respect to accidents, investigations must occur, and “[d]evelopers, owners, tenants, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, and even insurance brokers and carriers each have a significant financial stake in the aftermath of a construction accident.” John Sparling, “Managing Risk in Construction Accidents: Why … Continued

ForensisGroup CEO Presented with Award from the Youth Business Alliance

Our commitment to helping improve people’s lives was once again recognized when ForensisGroup CEO & President Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk was presented with an award from the Youth Business Alliance (YBA). YBA is a non-profit organization working to help high school students living in underserved communities. Ms. Steenwyk was honored alongside several other chair members and partners … Continued

Railroad Accident Experts Used in Rail Transportation Cases

empty railroad train tracks

Rail transportation in the US has increased with the increase in shipments of crude oil. The Federal Railroad Administration inspects 161K miles of track and publishes alerts when there may be a violation of rail transportation regulations. Nonobservance of these regulations may cause accidents with tragic results. The Associated Press reports that federal inspectors discovered … Continued

Litigation Trends with the SEC and for Investors

Introduction: In the past year, several different issues have emerged as being noteworthy in the investment field, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC “held its annual SEC Speaks conference in Washington, DC on February 24 and 25, 2017, and provided an update on recent litigation trends, the current enforcement initiatives in … Continued

Debt Collection Agency Shut Down Due to Illegal Practices

Bill Past Due

Debt collection agencies make it easier for businesses to manage their clients with delinquent accounts. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as individual states’ collection laws regulate the process. Even so, debt collection agencies may be charged with illegal practices. The Colorado Attorney General’s office investigated and shut down such an agency. … Continued

Sixth Circuit Affirms Exclusion of Human-Factors Expert in Products Liability Case

A second-hand carbon fiber archery arrow made by Manufacturer broke and impaled the webbing of Plaintiff’s hand after he drew and released the arrow from his bow. He sued for strict and negligent product liability, breach of warranty, and a violation of Kentucky’s Consumer Protection Act. He contended Manufacturer provided an inadequate warning of the … Continued

Patent Evaluation Just Got More Advanced

Introduction: The world of intellectual property litigation and patent valuation can be a murky one—it is hard for the law to keep up with technology, and many issues arise when trying to determine damages and what profit formulas are appropriate. One law professor has just developed a new system for evaluating patents and their value, … Continued

Roofing Injury & Fatality Prevention: Skylights and Open Roof Holes

By: Expert No. 353399, CHMM, CET, CHCM, CHST, B.Sc. Abstract: Falls through skylights continue to plague roofing construction, as injury and wrongful death cases rise. Roofing contractors are required per OSHA regulations and the standards of care to protect workers. Skylights must be shielded with covers, screens, or protective barriers before commencing work. Unprotected roof-holes, … Continued

Patent Litigation Trends and Expert Witnesses

Introduction: In December of 2016, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that is “a challenge…to venue rules for patent cases [that] has the potential to upend patent litigation as we know it.” Ryan Davis, “Patent Litigation Trends to Watch In 2017,” Law 360, Jan. 2, 2017 at (last visited Apr. … Continued

Internet Company Sued for Contract Fraud

Fraud, audit, auditor.

In 2016 a New York Attorney General’s office investigated internet service providers over failing to deliver the connectivity speeds they promised. Earlier this year, the office sued Charter Communications and its subsidiary Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable. Spectrum-Time Warner Cable has 2.5 million subscribers in New York and the AG’s office has received … Continued

A Novel Climate Litigation Theory and its Impact

Global Warming and Pollution Concept - Sustainability (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Introduction: Environmental litigation is fairly common in many cases. A particular phenomenon brought about by fossil fuels or greenhouse gases is alleged to have caused a certain type of injury and damages are sought. Many companies have been the targets of such lawsuits. Some states have even been defendants. What was unchartered territory, until recently, … Continued

Roofing Construction Flammability and Toxicity Hazards

By: Expert No. 353399, CHMM, CET, CHCM, CHST, B.Sc.  Abstract: Roofing trade chemical products expose workers to significant safety and health hazards on the job. Single-ply roofing, a sub-specialty category, routinely uses highly-flammable and toxic materials (adhesives and solvents) during installation. Depending upon use, these products have the potential to expose workers to dangerous levels of toxic … Continued

2017 Workplace Litigation Trends

Introduction: Workplace litigation has changed and been molded by the U.S. Supreme Court during 2016 and 2017. In fact, “[t]he environment for employment litigation has more than ever been shaped by Supreme Court judges and settlements for wage and hour class actions rose in 2016 while those for other employment-related claims fell, according to a … Continued

Employment Discrimination Experts Used in Gender Bias Litigation

An open and fair work environment is stipulated in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act protects individuals from gender discrimination. It states “The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition … Continued

Workers’ Compensation Claims For NFL Players

American football game

Introduction: On both a statewide and national level, the National Football League (NFL) has been inundated with workers’ compensation claims by professional athletes who sustain serious injuries from play. See, e.g.,  Kiannah Sepeda-Miller, “Illinois bill would rein in pro athletes’ worker comp claims,” The State Journal Register, Feb, 20, 2017. In Illinois, for example, the … Continued

Unrecognized Confined Space Hazards

By: Expert No. 353399, ASP, CHMM, CET, CHCM, CHST, B.Sc.  A breaking news story conveys tragic results of yet another confined space fatality incident. With increases in industrial and construction activity, entry into confined space has become a more frequent workplace task. Fatality statistics indicates that over 60 percent of rescues in confined space result in a … Continued

Class Action Lawsuit on Privacy Settled Against Social Networking Company

A settlement has been reached in the class-action lawsuit brought against a social networking company regarding their customer’s private electronic information. The world’s largest social network was charged with scanning its users’ private messages for advertising purposes. Plaintiffs filed the class action complaint in the US District Court for the Northern District of California citing violations of … Continued

Cybersecurity and Legal Protection

Cyber security concept

Introduction: It’s something that is on nearly everyone’s minds these days, something that has affected everything from credit cards to political conventions: cyber attacks. Quite simply, people are rightfully concerned about how and when their own and government data will be hacked and misused, and the law must play some role in helping. Three bills … Continued

Trade Secret Expert For Lawsuit Between Two Major Developers in Self-Driving Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the Detroit Auto Show unveiled the latest in driverless vehicles, also known as autonomous, automated or self-driving cars. Automakers and technology companies have spent millions of dollars in the development and testing of this transportation innovation. In consequence, the technology behind driverless vehicles is competitive and highly … Continued

Chemical Fires and Explosions Expert For Reboiler Rupture

Chemical fires and explosions experts analyze data to determine the source of accidents and report these findings to the court. They are trained to consult in litigation following an explosion and opine on the cause of the accident. A Louisiana jury assigned responsibility for a 2013 chemical plant explosion that killed two and injured 167 … Continued

Medicare Fraud: Fraudulent Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic Surgery Expert

Patients with bone, joint or ligament injuries and diseases rely on orthopedic surgeons for medical care. These professionals repair and replace bones, joints, and nerves to improve the musculoskeletal system. When allegations of medical negligence are filed against these doctors, the orthopedic surgery expert witness is called in to consult and opine on whether the … Continued

News Network Sued for $750M in Defamation Case

Defamation Expert Witness

Defamation experts analyze allegations of slander (spoken statements) and libel (written statements) to determine if defamation of character or reputation has occurred. To win a defamation case, a plaintiff must show four things: 1) a false statement purporting to be fact; 2) publication or communication of that statement to a third person; 3) fault amounting to … Continued

New York Appellate Court Explains Medical Expert Opinion in Workers Comp Case

In November 2012, the claimant, an investigator with the City District Attorney’s Office, suffered an ischemic stroke at his residence. He filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. After a hearing, a workers’ compensation law judge found that his stroke was causally related to his employment and awarded benefits. However, upon review, the Worker’s Compensation … Continued

Construction Defect Claims in New Homes Increasing

Construction defect claims in brand new homes have been on the increase. In the news, ABC stations nationwide broadcast the article Investigation: New Home Heartbreak last fall. The investigation found “poor workmanship and failure to honor a warranty topping the list of common gripes against builders.” DR Horton, the largest homebuilder in the US, was … Continued

Admissibility of Hurricane Experts Considered in Louisiana Federal Court

Plaintiffs in an action for damage to an oil company’s flowlines and pipelines from a hurricane sought to prevent the introduction of testimony from three experts with respect to hurricanes or storms beyond the parameters discussed at a pre-trial conference. Plaintiffs sought to exclude “any testimony concerning hurricanes/storms by any witness, including, but not limited … Continued

Penalties for Airbags Defect and Fraud

One of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive safety-related equipment, agreed to plead guilty to fraud and pay a total of $1 billion in criminal penalties stemming from the company’s fraudulent conduct in relation to sales of defective airbag inflators. An indictment was also unsealed charging three Takata executives with fraud and conspiracy in relation … Continued

The Role of Experts in Defining “Waters of the United States”

Introduction: In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final statement that defined the term “waters of the United States” (WOTUS). See, e.g., Environmental Protection Agency, “Clean Water Rule Litigation Statement,” Oct. 123, 2016, at (last visited Jan. 18, 2017). This definition was intended to pertain to the Clean Water Act (CWA), and … Continued

Judge Explains Scope of Attorney-Client Privilege for Non-Reporting Expert Witnesses in Patent Case

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson in Minnesota recently determined the extent to which the attorney-client privilege protected a law firm’s preparations with an employee/expert under Rule 26(a)(2)(B). At the heart of this dispute was Plaintiff’s decision to designate a non-reporting, testifying expert witness pursuant to Rule 26(a)(2)(C). The individual was a named inventor on … Continued

Drones & Privacy Litigation: The Battle Has Begun

Since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently loosened regulations for the commercial use of drones, a host of legal questions have arisen. See C. Ryan Barber, “The New Drone Regulations: Three Things Companies Need to Know,”, Aug. 29, 2016.  Almost as soon as the FAA’s ruling was issued, an organization supporting electronic privacy filed … Continued

Pharmacologist Expert Testimony Ruled Admissible in Drug Label Warning Litigation

A child, Z.H., was born in 2003 in Ohio with several severe birth defects allegedly caused by his mother’s use of Anti-epileptic drugs (“AEDs”). The anti-epileptic drug in question was formulated, tested, manufactured, and marketed by Defendant drug company during her pregnancy. As part of that case, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District … Continued

Federal Regulation Dispute May Require Employment Experts

Line of diverse candidates for a job with a check boxes above their heads as a metaphor for a discrimination during an employment interview, EPS 8 vector illustration

Federal and state statues are in place to regulate workplace policies and provide employee protection. These laws make it illegal for contractors and subcontractors doing business with the federal government to discriminate in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or status as a protected veteran. Businesses contracting … Continued

Product Liability Experts Consult on Tip-Over Accidents

Crashing shelf in the office

What areas may product liability experts consult on? These professionals investigate and report on product failures including design defects and mechanical failures. Unfortunately, design flaws may result in serious injury or death. In the headlines, Ikea will pay $50M to the families of three toddlers who died after their dressers tipped over. The families brought … Continued

Antitrust Experts and Big Pharma Price Fixing

Antitrust Experts

The Justice Department has charged two former New Jersey pharmaceutical company executives with price fixing on generic drugs. Prosecutors named Jeffrey Glazer, former CEO of Heritage Pharmaceuticals, and Jason Malek, a former VP, as defendants in an antitrust lawsuit filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In United States v. Jeffrey … Continued

Fracking Expert Witnesses Will Stay Busy in 2017

Fracking Expert Witnesses

The environmental impacts of fracking have been an issue and legal controversy for years. However, two new developments indicate that fracking litigation is not only likely to increase, but these developments call into question how such cases will be resolved. Specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a statement that fracking contaminates drinking water. … Continued

Nuclear Engineering Expert Opines on Contaminated Site

Nuclear Engineering Expert

A nuclear engineering expert testified in the Department of Justice case that resulted in the recent $125M settlement against contractors Bechtel National and AECO. In 2013, whistleblowers who were managers at the Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington State brought allegations of nuclear quality violations and misuse of taxpayers’ money. Since 2002, the Department of Energy … Continued

Fatal Warehouse Blaze Will Need Building Fires Expert Analysis

Building Fires Expert

Building fires expert witnesses are knowledgeable in the area of fire cause and origin and are qualified to provide critical analysis of evidence to determine what led to a fire. They examine fire patterns, witness statements, aerial photography, and the amount of damage to determine the ignition source. In the news, a deadly fire claimed … Continued

Pollution Experts Identify Illegal Dumping by Cruise Line

Pollution experts monitor industries that risk producing and releasing pollution into groundwater, fresh water, and oceans. Pollutants can have devastating health and environmental consequences resulting in litigation. In a recent case, Princess Cruise Lines will pay a $40M fine for “deliberate pollution of the seas and intentional acts to cover it up.” An engineer on … Continued

Expert Witness Fees in Civil Cases

Expert Witness Fees

In civil litigation, many lay people are unaware of the fees that the average expert witness charges to work on a specific case. Moreover, prevailing litigants often wonder whether they can recover such fees from their opponents. This article examines the range of expert witness fees for civil litigation and addresses the issue of whether … Continued

Deceptive Advertising Experts Review Major Fast Food Menu

Deceptive Advertising Expert

Recently, a group of individuals filed a class action lawsuit against a large fast food chain, alleging that they were injured by a pattern of deceptive advertising. See, e.g., Tribune Media Wire & Chris Wolfe, “Los Angeles-Area Customers Sue Chipotle Over ‘300-Calorie’ Chorizo Burrito,”, Nov. 22, 2016. According to the plaintiffs, the food retailer … Continued

Geotechnical Engineering Expert Opines on Leaning Tower in San Francisco

Geotechnical Engineering Expert

What areas may construction experts consult on? These experts are called upon to review many areas of construction litigation including construction defects, construction damages, structural analysis, and more. Homeowners in the San Francisco luxury Millennium Tower have filed a $500M class action lawsuit against the developer over the building’s excessive settlement and tilting. The homeowners’ association … Continued

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Experts Needed in Asbestos Case

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Experts

Occupational and environmental medicine experts will testify in a new asbestos trial involving R.J. Reynolds. The plaintiff in the original lower court case, Richard DeLisle, suffers with asbestos mesothelioma and argued that his condition is a result of working at Brightwater Paper Co. with gaskets manufactured by Crane Co. and smoking R.J. Reynolds Kent cigarettes … Continued

Aviation Fire Experts Investigate Boeing 767 Engine Failure

Aviation Fire Experts

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the October 28, 2016, Boeing 767 engine failure at Chicago’s O’ Hare airport. Flight 383 was taking off when a fuel leak resulted in a fire under the right wing. Investigators are analyzing a high pressure turbine disk from the General Electric CF6-80 engine which broke into … Continued

Human Microbiome Research & Expert Witnesses

Human Microbiome Research

In 2007, the National Institute of Health (NIH) started the Human Microbiome Project in order “to utilize technological advances to characterize the microbial communities that inhabit the human body and explore the relationships between the microbiota and their human hosts, including the effect that they may have on human health and disease, development, physiology, immunity, … Continued

Expert Witness Discovery is Reopened as Law Firm Joins Main Action

Expert Witness Discovery

Purchasers of condo hotel units brought a putative class action in state court against the developers and agents of the project, asserting violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL), based on failure to disclose and intentionally concealing purchasers’ right under Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA) to rescind their purchase agreements. After removal, developers … Continued

Self-Driving Car Experts Respond to First Fatal Accident

Self-Driving Car Expert

Tesla’s Autopilot system is making headlines in the U.S. and overseas regarding the terms “self driving” and “autopilot.” Tesla is an American automaker and energy storage company based in Palo Alto. Regulators fear that consumers may misconstrue the “autonomous” description of Tesla cars and expect the vehicle to drive itself entirely.  An Ohio driver may have been watching a … Continued

Automotive Recall Experts Identify Defect

Automotive Recall Experts

What areas may automotive recall experts consult on?  These professionals are experienced in auto industry specific issues involving airbags, seat belts, brakes, fuel systems, and cruise control, as well as other mechanical features. In the news, Nissan North America issued a recall on September 12th for over 130,000 Maxima, Murano and Murano Hybrids equipped with … Continued

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Class Certification

Class Certification

In cases that involve large numbers of plaintiffs and similar allegations, many attorneys attempt to certify multiple plaintiffs as a group or “class,” and in so doing, the litigation is consolidated and handled in a more uniform manner than if each case were tried individually. Expert witnesses play a vital role in helping a court … Continued

Tort Expert Witnesses Face Off

Tort Expert

In 2015, the plaintiffs in product liability litigation against the manufacturer of Accutane were dealt a stunning blow when the presiding judge rejected much of their tort expert witness testimony on causation issues. See, e.g., Sindhu Sundar (1),[1]  “Accutane Ruling Blocking Expert Testimony Kills 2K Suits,” Law360, May 11, 2015. Concluding that the plaintiffs’ experts … Continued

Importance of Expert Disclosure: Bankruptcy Court Strikes Undisclosed CPA Expert Testimony

CPA Expert

United States Bankruptcy Judge Sarah A. Hall of the Western District of Oklahoma recently ruled on a Bankruptcy Trustee’s Motion to Strike the affidavit of a company’s CPA expert. The Scheduling Order timeline included a deadline to complete all disclosures required by Local Rule 7016-1(B) (requiring exchange of all known exhibits and all then known … Continued

Nursing Expert Witness Confirms Negligence in Wrongful Death Case

Nursing Expert

A nursing expert witness testified in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Good Shepherd Health Center in Mason City, Iowa. The children of Maria O’Brien claim the nursing home was negligent in caring for their mother and are seeking $10M in damages. The nursing expert reviewed the care provider’s home records and testified that … Continued

Train Derailment Experts Assess Crash in New Jersey

Train Derailment Experts

Train derailment experts evaluate an incident to determine the cause and whether it is related to human factors, a mechanical defect, or an outside source. The cause of derailment may be related to human error or the structural engineering of the train and/or track. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the Hoboken, NJ, commuter … Continued

Computer Forensics Experts Investigate Hacked Dropbox Account

Computer Forensics Experts

Computer forensics experts are trained to investigate computer security and fraud. IT fraud litigation requires these experts to perform a computer forensic examination for content in emails, documents and files. Their investigations may reveal when a document was created, edited, and saved and by whom. In the news, California Representative Mike Honda has sued his campaign … Continued

Banking Fraud Expert Witnesses Blow Lid Off Wells Fargo Fraud Case

Banking Expert

What areas may banking fraud expert witnesses consult on? These professionals evaluate and opine on commercial banking practices, internal bank policies, credit cards, and more. Their expertise and testimony can be a deciding factor in lawsuits alleging illegal banking practices. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has fined Wells Fargo $100M for illegal banking methods. The bank … Continued

Pokémon No? Augmented Reality and Litigation

Augmented Reality

When Pokémon Go, a Nintendo-based augmented reality (AR) gaming application was released, it took both the nation and the world by storm, “with estimated downloads of the digital game topping more than 75 million since the program became available on July 6. Apple has confirmed that it was the most downloaded app ever in its … Continued

Product Liability: Expert Witness Opines on Defective Hunting Rifle

Product Liability Expert

A product liability expert witness testified in the lawsuit Carol O’Neal filed against Remington Arms Co. regarding the death of her husband in a hunting accident.  The complaint argues that a faulty trigger mechanism on her husband’s Remington Model M700 rifle misfired, resulting in his death. The product’s liability lawsuit also states that Remington knew … Continued

Occupational Safety Expert Examines Construction Site Fire

Occupational Safety Expert

The occupational safety expert is trained to evaluate workplaces with various hazards. These experts are knowledgeable about hazardous materials, construction safety, accident prevention, OSHA requirements, and more. The 2,600-foot-long Liberty Bridge in Pittsburg was undergoing an $80M reconstruction project when a fire broke out that risked collapsing the downtown structure. OSHA experts examined the site … Continued

Food Safety Case: Defendant’s Rheumatology Expert’s Stricken Testimony May Have Influenced Jury, Case is Affirmed

Rheumatology Expert

A popcorn aficionado who was diagnosed with lung disease—which he claimed was caused by his eating numerous bags of microwave popcorn on a daily basis for several years—brought suit for breach of implied warranty against manufacturers. The popcorn’s butter flavoring contained diacetyl, which Plaintiff said caused his lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans. Defendant manufacturer presented evidence … Continued

Trade Dress Expert Measures Brand Dilution

Trade Dress Expert

Trade dress litigation may involve disputes over packaging, marketing, product design, and more. Trade dress expert witnesses are knowledgeable in trademark infringement, licensing, brand dilution, and related matters. In Trader Joe’s Company v. Michael Norman Hallatt, dba Pirate Joe’s, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Trader Joe’s regarding a risk … Continued

Automotive Engineering Experts Cautious of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Systems

Automotive Engineering Experts

Automotive engineering experts are often required in litigation involving traffic accidents. In accident reconstructions, these experienced engineers consult and testify on how vehicles operate and whether there was a mechanical failure. Their unbiased opinion is often a determining factor in the outcome of an automotive engineering lawsuit. In an effort to help prevent crashes or … Continued

Allegedly Mismanaged 401(K)s Call for Investment Expert Witnesses

Investment Expert Witnesses

Investment expert witnesses are licensed and/or certified accountants, financial analysts, investment analysts, as well as other related financial professions. They are experienced with stocks, securities, and other investment options. In the news, Robert Patterson, a participant in Morgan Stanley’s retirement plan, has filed a lawsuit accusing the company of mismanaging the company’s 401(k) retirement plan. … Continued

Advertising Expert to Review Online Travel Brands’ Promotions

Advertising Expert

An independent hotel operator has filed a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court, Northern California, against Expedia, Inc.,, L.P., GP, LLC, Orbitz, LLC and Trivago, GmbH. The operator of the Buckeye Tree Lodge and Sequoia Village Inn in Three Rivers, CA, is suing the online travel companies for false advertising and unfair competition. A … Continued

Employment Expert Helps Settle FedEx Dispute

Employment Expert

When labor disputes evolve into litigation, an employment expert is called upon to consult and testify on employee benefits, compensation plans, employment contracts, labor management, and related matters. Employers often have a unique set of standards pertaining to their human resource practices. The employment expert witness is experienced in evaluating differing policies regarding hiring, employee benefits, … Continued

Sports Medicine Expert Witnesses and Head Injuries

Sports Medicine Expert

Sports medicine expert witnesses are experienced in sports medicine treatments and protocols. They are trained to consult and offer testimony regarding brain trauma and the symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive degenerative disease of the brain. Symptoms of CTE include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, paranoia, impulse control problems, depression, and eventually progressive dementia. … Continued

Using a Treating Physician as a Neurology Expert Witness: Beware of the Court’s Scheduling Order

Neurology Expert Witness

A cruise ship passenger brought personal injury action against the cruise ship operator arising from alleged fall against television cabinet while aboard caused by another passenger. The ship operator brought Daubert motion and moved to preclude the passenger from eliciting opinions from her neurologist. Plaintiff’s neurology expert witness gave an opinion regarding her injuries. The … Continued

Environmental Expert Will Assess Flint Water Crisis

Environmental Expert

Environmental expert witnesses may consult on environmental science, water and waste treatment, toxicology, and environmental assessment. Flint, MI, is front and center in the national news with a state of emergency due to lead in the city’s tap water. Six state employees have been criminally charged in connection with the Flint water crisis. The defendants … Continued

Engineering Expert to Assess Fraudulent Damage Reports

Engineering Expert

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has charged HiRise Engineering P.C. and Matthew Pappalardo with fraud in doctoring engineering expert reports on properties damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Pappalardo allegedly had HiRise employees alter reports on properties covered under the National Flood Insurance Program to profit himself and the company. HiRise is charged with 25 counts … Continued

Negligence Expert Defends Retailer After Battery Accident

Negligence Expert

The former head of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is serving as a negligence expert witness on behalf of the defense in a lawsuit against Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. The parents of Lincoln Punch brought suit after their six day old son swallowed button batteries and suffered kidney, cardiac and gastrointestinal damage. The batteries … Continued

Competency Expert to Examine Driver in Fatal Crash

Competency Expert

Competency expert witnesses will examine the woman charged in the fatal 2015 Oklahoma State University homecoming crash. Adacia Chambers was arrested after driving through a police barricade during a homecoming parade. She then ran into four spectators who were killed. Victims included Marvin and Bonnie Stone, both 65, Nikita Nakal, 23, and 2-year-old Nash Lucas. … Continued

Healthcare Fraud Experts Examine Nation’s Largest Sweep to Date

Healthcare Fraud

The U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services have charged 301 defendants for $900M in fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare billings. Defendants include sixty-one licensed medical professionals in the nation’s largest healthcare fraud sweep to date. The charges include numerous healthcare fraud related crimes, including conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, violations of the anti-kickback … Continued

Statistics Experts and Police Shooting Incidents

Statistics Experts

Statistics experts at the National Bureau of Economic Research released a working paper on July 11, 2016, entitled An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force (NBER Working Paper No. 22399). Authored by Roland G. Fryer Jr., Professor of Economics at Harvard University, data on over 1,332 shootings between 2000 and 2015 in … Continued

Automotive Engineering Experts Confirm Faulty Airbags

Automotive Engineering Experts

Autoliv is cooperating with Toyota in the recall of 1.43M Prius and Lexus models equipped with airbags made by the Swedish-American manufacturer.  While no injuries have been reported to date, seven of the bags partially inflated in parked cars without a deployment signal having been sent. Metal pieces were sent into the car’s interior. Based … Continued

Healthcare Fraud Expert to Help Identify Legality of Medical Claims

Healthcare Fraud Expert

Lawsuits regarding healthcare fraud are rife in the news. Healthcare fraud expert witnesses are a central part of the litigation team in these cases. In the largest case of US home healthcare fraud involving one doctor, former Rockwall, TX, doctor Jacques Roy billed $375M in fraudulent claims. He encouraged patients to submit fake medical claims … Continued

Chemicals Expert Opinions Help Shape New Toxic Substances Regulation

Chemicals Expert

Exposure to toxic chemicals has resulted in substantial medical and economic harm. Only the most highly qualified chemicals expert witness is experienced in evaluating the evidence presented in asbestos and other such litigations. President Obama has signed into law the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. The legislation is the first major overhaul … Continued

Medical Fraud Expert Witnesses Are Busy in 2016

Medical Fraud Expert

Despite the fact that nearly six months remain, 2016 has already proven itself to be a record year with respect to the number of health insurance fraud claims filed. In 2015, the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) charged some 243 defendants with insurance fraud, claiming it had lost $712 million from those crimes. See Joshua … Continued

Medical Devices Expert Examines Surgical Products Following Complications

Medical Devices Expert

Medical devices expert witnesses testified in multi-district litigation over pelvic mesh products made by Ethicon. Transvaginal mesh is used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in women. Some of these products were a contributing factor in patients developing infection, erosion of the vaginal tissues and organ perforation. American Medical Systems is also … Continued

Financial Services Expert Witnesses Investigate Merrill Lynch for Fraud

Financial Services Expert

Financial services expert witnesses may evaluate financial investments and securities transactions to determine whether financial fraud has taken place. In financial news, the SEC announced that Merrill Lynch will pay a $10 Million penalty for misleading investors in structured notes. reports that the Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Note “fell as much as 95% in … Continued

When Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Expert Witness

An authoritative and knowledgeable expert witness can provide the expertise to help you make a case. There are several scenarios that require an expert. One scenario is when an expert is required by law. Expert witnesses might be required by law within certain jurisdictions. In specific types of cases, such as those involving negligence or … Continued

When Safety Expert Witness “Disclosure” is Not “Good Enough” for Federal Judge

Accident and Safety Expert

Louisiana District Court Judge Richard L. Bourgeois, Jr. was asked to hear Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony in a premise liability case of the plaintiff’s safety expert witness. The judge entered a scheduling order setting the deadlines for experts, discovery, and for the filing of dispositive motions. However, the parties sought a three-month extension … Continued

Environmental Expert Witness Gauges San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

Environmental Expert Witness

An environmental expert witness has been asked to turn over her records in the San Bruno pipeline explosion. Pacific Gas and Electric told U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson they need the past six years of documents from consultants who gathered evidence in the case against the utility company. The 2010 explosion killed eight people, injured … Continued

Initial Expert Report Cannot Be Used As Rebuttal Report in Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual Harassment Expert

United States Magistrate Judge John V. Acosta recently heard a motion in a sexual harassment action by Defendants to strike the report of Plaintiffs’ rebuttal expert. Defendant argued that the report was an initial sexual harassment expert report that supported Plaintiffs’ case-in-chief. Plaintiffs asserted that the report was a proper rebuttal report that responds to … Continued

Concrete Expert Witness Says Building Material Is Substandard

Concrete Expert Witness

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen has hired a concrete expert witness in the investigation of failing concrete residential foundations in the state. Over 200 complaints have been filed with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection over substandard materials used by J.J. Mottes Company and Becker Construction. The concrete companies have agreed to stop selling concrete … Continued

Discrimination Expert Reviews University of Tennesee’s Student Athletics Program

Discrimination Expert

U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger has set deadlines in the far-reaching gender discrimination lawsuit against the University of Tennessee. At this time, eight unnamed young women have accused UT of favoring male athletes and therefore failing to follow federal antidiscrimination statutes. While accusations of favoritism for male athletes on college campuses are nothing new, these … Continued

Crime Prevention Expert Witness Testimony Partially Admitted in School Shooting Case

Crime Prevention Expert

This case arises out of the shooting of a student on campus by an unidentified shooter at a private college. Defendants moved for summary judgment under Rule 56 against Plaintiff, as well as a motion to strike the testimony of a crime prevention expert witness. Plaintiff brought action against the college and related individuals, alleging negligence … Continued

Refrigeration Expert Opinion on Thin Ice in Seventh Circuit

Refrigerator Expert

Plaintiff was a refrigeration contractor that installed refrigeration systems. Defendants contracted with Plaintiff to supply a refrigeration control system. However, the refrigeration control system delivered to Plaintiff didn’t work properly, and Plaintiff brought suit for breach of contract. Defendants recruited a refrigeration expert witness to testify on their behalf. At trial, Plaintiff relied on circumstantial … Continued

Computer Programming Expert in Google’s Copyright Infringement Case

Computers Expert

Computers programming experts are knowledgeable in information technology and software development and design. They are called upon to testify before a jury on technical matters such as programming language.  A professor of computer science at Duke University testified as a computers expert witness for Google Inc. in the recent copyright case brought by Oracle Corp. Google prevailed … Continued

Court of Appeals says Appellant’s Documents must be Sufficient to Challenge Defendant’s Accident and Safety Expert

Expert Admissibility

Plaintiff sued Defendant for negligence after they were involved in a car accident in Colorado. A jury found that the Defendant was not negligent, and the district court entered judgment in his favor. On appeal to the U.S. Court Of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, Circuit Judge Carlos F. Lucero wrote in his opinion that … Continued

Product Liability Expert Considers Defective BMW Engine

Product Liability Expert

A product liability expert witness testified for plaintiffs in a case against BMW of North America and BMW Motorrad USA. The plaintiffs argue that their 2004 BMW motorcycle had design flaws and that the company did not furnish adequate warnings about the risk of fire. They are seeking $400K in damages as well as legal … Continued

Expert Deposition: A Preparation Guideline

Expert Deposition

In today’s world, it should be no surprise that many cases are won or lost on the basis of expert witness testimony. See, e.g., Matthew D. Taggart, “How to Prepare for and Manage the Depositions of Expert Witnesses,” Los Angeles Lawyer, Jul.-Aug. 2012. One of the biggest challenges for litigators may be how to best … Continued

Copyright Experts to Weigh in on Zeppelin Dispute

Copyright Experts

Copyright Experts will testify in the Central District of California infringement case over the Led Zeppelin recording Stairway to Heaven. The family of Randy Craig Wolfe alleges the rock band writers took part of the instrumental recording Taurus and used it in Stairway. Released in 1971 by Zeppelin, the song has produced millions of dollars of … Continued

Motion in Limine to Exclude Business Valuation Expert Witness

Motion in Limine

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana heard arguments on a Motion in Limine filed by Plaintiff Franchise Services and an opposition filed by Defendant Café, which owns a restaurant concept and authorizes locations with franchise agreements. Plaintiff and Defendant entered into the “Area Development Agreement” (“ADA”) in 2007, pursuant to which … Continued

Wrongful Termination Claimed by Whistleblower

Wrongful Termination

When an employee acts as a whistleblower and is fired shortly thereafter, the former employee can make a wrongful termination claim against his or her employer. Former tourism director did just that when she sued the Tahlequah Area (Oklahoma) Chamber of Commerce and the former Executive Director.  Plaintiff alleges she was fired for revealing that … Continued

The Value of a Financial Expert Witness

Financial Expert Witness

What areas may a financial expert witness consult on?  Financial experts may provide insight and testify in cases involving investments, financial valuation, securities, trading, and fraud examination.  Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is in the news after agreeing to pay over $5B in connection with its sale of residential mortgage backed securities.  Justice Department Acting Associate … Continued

Court’s Deadline for Expert Witness Disclosure Trumps Rule 26

Expert Witness Disclosure

In a Wisconsin lawsuit, Plaintiffs sued their former attorneys and accountants for professional malpractice, but they filed their expert witness disclosure after the discovery deadline. Plaintiffs moved for an expert witness disclosure deadline extension, but the district court denied the motion and disallowed the expert. Absent of a legal malpractice expert witness, Plaintiffs couldn’t prove their … Continued