Intellectual Property Experts

Intellectual property cases can present many challenges. Success often hinges on retaining the expert or experts knowledgeable about the technology, business and industry relevant to your intellectual property case. ForensisGroup gives you access to top expert witnesses and consultants proficient in patents, business trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, finance, software and cutting-edge technology. No case is … Continued

Complex Litigation

Many of today’s complex litigation cases require an expert or team of experts that are well versed in several disciplines. ForensisGroup takes a multi-disciplined approach, referring our clients to experts of various disciplines that may have an impact on the issues of the case. Clients benefit from free initial discussions with experts to gain better … Continued

Free Consultations

We know our experts are the best in the industry, but we also know that a positive fit between you and the prospective expert witness or consultant is crucial – that’s why we will coordinate the initial consultation at no cost or obligation to you. Don’t waste time and money creating your own expert search … Continued

Free No-Obligation Recruiting

Here at ForensisGroup, we take pride in the quality of our experts as well as quickly providing our clients with the right expert(s) for their case. We hand-select the best experts from a wide array of industries, including construction, engineering, accidents & safety, complex business litigation, IP, patent, trademark infringement, securities, real estate and many … Continued

Why ForensisGroup

The right expert can offer a powerful advantage during litigation. For more than 20 years, ForensisGroup has been the single most trusted name in expert witness referral, having successfully placed experts in over 10,000 cases. We provide many of the nation’s top law firms, government entities, insurance companies and many other industries with highly qualified … Continued