Heavy Equipment Expert Witnesses Can Improve Workplace Safety

Experts in heavy equipment do some heavy lifting, from accident reconstruction to appraisals on equipment weighing over 1,500 pounds.  We’re talking about boom lifts, skid steers, welders, excavators, and other kinds of heavy equipment used in every setting from road and bridge construction to utility construction and more. There are more than 400,000 heavy equipment … Continued

Car, Driver, and Expert Witness

Most people take one driver’s test as a teenager and have only their vision checked every so many years when making their license renewal.  With so little training so long ago, we can hardly claim to be experts on the rules of the road, can we? According to the US Census bureau, in 2009 there … Continued

Expert Witness For Automotive Design Defect Cases

As bellwether wrongful death and injury cases proceed to trial against a major automotive manufacturer related to allegations of sticky gas pedals, improperly installed floor mats and faulty electrical components, expert testimony may make or break cases in trial and is certainly contributing to the recent settlements. In late December 2012 the automotive manufacturer decided … Continued

Potential Product Liability with Rear View Cameras in Vehicles

The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) is being sued to issue the long-delayed rule requiring rear view cameras as a standard feature in new cars. According to Bloomberg, three advocacy groups and two parents are pushing for DOT to enforce the rear-view mirror requirement. The rule was supposed to be issued by the department 2 1/2 … Continued