The Treble Task in Preliminary Assessment of a Legal Expert Witness for Attorney Malpractice Litigation

Cases involving attorney malpractice are on the rise. A seasoned attorney would likely advise against choosing an expert based upon assertions that their sole expertise is “legal malpractice services.” Perhaps this is because it is nearly impossible for a single individual to possess the level of competence sufficient to provide comprehensive expert services for nearly … Continued

Former Government Employees as Expert Witnesses

If you’re working on a case involving a federal, state, or municipal entity, you may be considering how to approach securing an expert witness with the value-added resume of previous government employment.  Former government employees can offer terrific insights to the intricacies of both legal requirements and the application of those requirements, particularly in regulatory … Continued

Using A Computer Software Expert Witness for Software IP Cases

The Information Age has arrived, and with it a slew of litigation relating to intellectual property (IP). One major area of litigation in recent years has arisen in the area of computer software, which is covered by both patent and copyright laws. Like many areas of IP, legal issues relating to computer software are technical … Continued