Computer Expert Witness Saves the Day For a Florida School Teacher

In Polk County, Florida, an elementary school teacher lost his job several months ago because 200 inappropriate images were found on his school laptop computer. Not surprising. When a teacher uses school property for collecting prohibited material, it seems perfectly reasonable that the school district dismisses him. But, of course, there’s more to the story. … Continued

Consumer Privacy in Mobile Marketing

Internet marketing has long been a widely utilized strategy for achieving marketing goals. With innovative progression in new technologies, mobile devices have enabled users of such devices to gain access to full internet capabilities while on the go, thereby converting internet marketing into the now commonly recognized scheme termed “mobile marketing.” Mobile marketing, as defined … Continued

Growing Demand for Internet Security Expert Witness

It was a mixed reaction to the recent Obama Administration statements relative to Chinese state-sponsored cyber espionage directed at U.S. commercial targets. Some said, really? Others said, that’s not new news. And a few of us said, another growing field for expert witnesses.   At about the same time as the White House statements on … Continued

A Year of Unique and Trending Expert Witness Decisions

2012: A Year of Unique and Trending Expert Witness Decisions 2012 is going to be remembered as a year with a $1 billion verdict in a patent infringement trial between computer industry giants. What is less likely to be remembered in this or other cases on various top 2012 verdict lists are the expert witness … Continued