Spring Flings and the Contractor Expert Witness

Spring is not only a time for flying arrows for lovers; it’s also a time for flying arrows for homeowners.  The first bit of warm weather and homeowners decide it’s time to do that project they didn’t get to in the fall and put off all winter.  With that sense of overdue urgency, homeowners do … Continued

Case Study: Can Unlicensed Contractors Be Expert Witnesses?

Can an unlicensed contractor testify as an expert witness, even though the state requires that he register? The plaintiff, a custom homebuilder, appealed the judgment of the trial court for the defendants, two individuals, on its claim for foreclosure of its mechanic’s lien and finding against it on the defendants’ counterclaim. On appeal to the … Continued

Presenting Your Expert Witness on Direct Examination

What does it say about our profession that we find it easier to cross-examine than to present direct examination of our own witnesses – even expert witnesses? This question, which could be its own blog series, would be a sidetrack from the headline “Presenting Your Expert Witness on Direct Examination.” But what it does immediately … Continued