The Boeing Dreamliner: A Dream Come True for Litigants, a Nightmare for Boeing? Why Expert Witnesses are Needed to Crack the Case

Boeing’s newest aircraft, a 787 Dreamliner, has been long-awaited and the possibility of its lithium-ion battery cutting fuel costs by up to 20% makes it seem ideal.  However, due to failures arising from Boeing’s electrical system and the lithium-ion batteries in Dreamliners, the FAA grounded all Dreamliner flights worldwide.  See “All Dreamliners are Grounded World-Wide,” … Continued

Train Explosions: The Price Of Ignoring Expert Advice

In June of this year, railroad tanker cars known as “DOT-111’s” were at the epicenter of an explosion in Quebec that killed 47 people. As far back as 1991, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) warned that the DOT 111’s have a serious design flaw: in the event of a derailment, they could split open … Continued

It Ain’t Heavy Equipment to My Expert Witness

Who doesn’t love a big construction site?  Big tires.  Tall cranes.  Subterranean boring.  It’s the rumble and buzz of progress. But, what no one wants to hear is a whistle, followed by silence.  It’s that signal that something has gone wrong, the site work has stopped, and, in the worst case scenarios, everyone is being … Continued