Environmental Experts and Blue Skies Overhead

If you’ve been walking along, whistling a tune at the blue skies overhead, you might be unaware of all the chatter on the airwaves over pipelines, fracking, and waste water.  Fifty years ago, the voices of environmental non-profits received limited airtime, had less push within courtrooms, and were a small cry compared to the governments … Continued

Pollution and the Expert Witness

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop that’s clean?  If you’re holding up the water glass thinking, “But it looks clear…” maybe it’s time for you to bring in an expert witness in pollution. From air to ground to water to all things of natural beauty, a pollution expert witness can help you see what … Continued

Is An Expert Witness’ Draft Report Discoverable?

Trial preparation materials prepared by or provided to expert were not protected by the work product doctrine according to a recent decision of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Republic of Ecuador filed a petition for subpoenas seeking discovery from an oil company’s environmental expert to defend a judgment in Ecuadorian court. Since the … Continued