White House Takes on “Patent Trolls”

In recent years there has been a notable influx of patent litigation that has—rather than foster innovation and enforce intellectual property—threatened companies and patent owners to receive lucrative settlements based on questionable claims. The intellectual property community is seeing a growing number of companies, commonly known as “patent trolls,” who’s business strategy is initiate claims … Continued

An Expert Infringement

The intellectual property lawyers have all the fun.  They are the modern day gladiators of the fortress, drawing lines and shouting “infringement!” while pushing back the encroacher in the name of concepts like dilution, unfair competition, and doctrines of equivalents. But once we’re past the glitzy headline, intellectual property attorneys need expert witnesses galore and … Continued

Case Study: Can Patent Infringement Expert Witness Use Confidential, Privileged or Proprietary information?

A patent holder of a return mail solution service brought suit against the United States for infringement, and sought compensation for the alleged unauthorized use and manufacture by or for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) of certain methods and systems for providing address change service. The U.S. filed motions to disqualify the plaintiff’s proposed financial … Continued