Chemical Plant Safety Expert Witness

While not often in the mainstream national news, safety issues at plants using hazardous chemicals can produce significant litigation requiring expert witnesses.  Injuries can range from one worker on the job to multiple workers and community members at a disaster site.  At the heart of these cases are the word “Danger!” and a corresponding need … Continued

Expert Witnesses for Swimming Pool Safety Cases

With spring in the air, it won’t be long before private and community pools peel back their covers and we hear a splash. But before we get too happy about that prospect, let’s review some sobering statistics on drowning in swimming pools. The Center for Disease Control reports that there is an average of 3,533 … Continued

What Is A School Safety Expert Witness? How to Select The School Safety Expert for Your Case?

As the presence of school safety related litigation increases, so does the availability of school safety experts who provide the necessary support services associated with such litigation. However, selection of the appropriate expert witness, amongst the plethora of potential candidates, may require a more thorough examination of that witness’s experience, background, and credentials, when dealing … Continued

How Can An Expert Witness Help in Food Borne Illness Cases?

The most recent multi-state salmonella poisonings highlight the importance of safe food handling and preparation techniques. The most recent outbreak has been tied to ground beef produced by two companies who have been responsible for nearly 1,000lbs of recalled meat in the last week. So far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported … Continued

Railroad Safety Experts Are Expected to Play an Integral Role Following New Brunswick Derailment

Safety issues remain to be a central concern following the January derailment of an oil-carrying freight train in New Brunswick, New Jersey. As the investigation continues, railroad safety experts are expected to play an integral role in several key areas, including investigations by industry affiliates, insurance companies, and the Canadian and U.S. governments.  Safety expert … Continued

Patient Safety: Using a Hospital Administration Expert Witness

The potential for a patient to fall in a hospital setting is a matter that requires added vigilance. In these cases, an attorney’s presentation should include an expert witness in hospital administration. The expert witness might be a member of a hospital’s risk management team, such as an MBA hospital administrator, a physician, a nurse, … Continued

Beyond Admiralty Law: How Expert Witnessess Aide in Cruiseship Negligence Cases

As many attorneys representing clients in cruise ship negligence cases, whether in a plaintiff’s or defense counsel capacity, are already aware, knowledge of admiralty/maritime law is vital in ascertaining the appropriate course of action as it relates to issues regarding  statute of limitations and choice of forum. Following the resolution of preliminary matters, the focus may … Continued