ForensisGroup Provides Landscape Architecture Expert Witness For California City

After the occurrence of a road traffic incident involving two parties in a city near Simi Valley, the city became embroiled in a lawsuit. Those involved alleged that the height of plants within the area led to this particular accident. Whether the height of such plants should be regulated throughout the county was the question put forth by the parties in the litigation.

ForensisGroup Finds Website Valuation Expert Witness Expeditiously

Several attorneys decided to join a partnership to create a law practice in California.   The business partnership fell apart, and one of the partners wants ownership of the website.  The attorney of one of the parties decided to hire an expert witness provide a valuation of the website to help settle the partnership dispute. 

ForensisGroup Finds The Best Parking Structure Expert Witness in California

The owner of a retail shopping center in downtown Los Angeles was sued for failure to return the security deposit and for a contract breach in the lease agreement.  The tenant claimed that the owner was supposed to build a parking structure as part of the agreement.  The attorney for the defendant called ForensisGroup for a construction expert witness to opine on the estimated cost of a parking structure with more than 200 spaces.

Looking for an EMT Expert? ForensisGroup Finds EMT/Paramedic Expert Witness for an Attorney

A city in California and an ambulance service were sued after transporting an arrested person because the individual suffered from a stroke on the ambulance.  The defense attorney representing both city and the ambulance service contacted ForensisGroup to search for 2 types of experts: 1) an EMT expert witness and 2) a police procedure expert witness.  The attorney requested for an EMT expert who can testify on behalf of a paramedic/EMT in relation to evaluating and transporting a person in police custody.

Looking for an expert on a trade secret case? ForensisGroup finds computer software expert witness for IP attorney

A major IP law firm contacted ForensisGroup regarding a trade secret case in the Silicon Valley.  Their client, a computer software company, was suing a former employee for breach of non-disclosure agreement and trade secret theft.  The plaintiff holds software patents and the plaintiff’s attorney requested for a computer software developer expert who is familiar with the technology and patent involved.

ForensisGroup Finds Retail Safety Expert Witness for National Toy Retailer

A defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, contacted ForensisGroup for a retail safety expert.  A customer slipped and fell at a toy retail store.  The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the toy store and claimed that there was a 2 feet wide water puddle at the store.  The national retailer supposedly has a policy that does not allow customers to carry open water container in the stores.  The attorney for the defendant was advised that the store has a schedule for employees to routinely check the store.

Is the Lighting and Security System Adequate at a Shopping Center? Find An Electrical Engineer Expert Witness with ForensisGroup

A deadly crime happened at a strip mall in Northern California that resulted in the death of a victim.  The victim’s family filed for a wrongful death suit against the strip mall for inadequate lighting and security system.  The strip mall’s management contacted the insurance company to handle the claim. The attorney representing the defendant called ForensisGroup to find an expert witness.  The counsel requested an electrical engineering expert to inspect the lighting system, the control of lighting, and the CPC control unit.  The attorney wants to know how the lighting system operates and how the security surveillance system works in order to evaluate the claim.

Find Corporate Governance Expert with ForensisGroup

A San Francisco attorney contacted ForensisGroup to find an expert witness for complex business litigation. He represented the defendant, and he was handling several similar cases. A company filed for bankruptcy, and the plaintiff tried to sue the parent company to recover losses. The plaintiff was attempting to pierce the corporate veil and claimed that the defendant was an alter ego of bankrupted company. The plaintiff alleged that the two companies were so interwoven that act of a subsidiary company was attributed to the defendant company. The case was in a complex area of law involving the alter ego doctrine. The attorney requested for a corporate law expert who had experience with setting up corporations, shareholder certificates, and corporate governance. He also preferred the expert to be a professor of law and have served on the board of directors of a company.

ForensisGroup Provides Top Notch Traffic Engineering Expert Witness

A traffic accident happened at an intersection near a university campus in 2009.   It was a bicycle versus bus collision.  The plaintiffs filed a claim against the city and the university alleging that the intersection creates a dangerous condition for drivers and bicyclists.   They claim that the road is not wide enough, thus, accidents are prone to happen.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness for Aquarium Fire Case

An attorney in California contacted ForensisGroup for an expert witness in an insurance subrogation case. The attorney represents the defendant, a company that makes aquariums for commercial use. The aquarium company is covered by a general liability insurance policy. The defendant’s insurance company hired the counsel who called ForensisGroup. The case involves a fire that started at a restaurant in California. The plaintiff’s insurance company paid the claim to the restaurant owner and conducted an investigation. The insurance company claims that the fire department attributed the fire to one of the components of the aquarium sold by the defendant.

ForensisGroup’s Multidiscipline Approach Helped an Attorney in a Salon Liability Case

A spa in California was sued by a customer because the customer claimed to have sustained burns and infection after getting a pedicure service.   The spa was covered by general liability insurance.  The spa’s insurance company contacted a local law firm to represent the insured on this matter.   The insurance defense attorney called ForensisGroup for help because she needed a multi-discipline approach for retaining expert witnesses.

Truck and Automotive Expert Witness in California

A plaintiff’s attorney contacted ForensisGroup for an insurance subrogation matter. A man was seriously injured from an industrial motor vehicle accident while he was driving a Ryder truck for his employer.  He filed for a worker’s compensation claim as a result of his injuries.  His employer’s insurance company paid for the claim accordingly, but the insurance company also filed a subrogation suit against the logistics company that provided the Ryder truck.

Damages Expert Witness in California

A defense counsel in Irvine, California contacted ForensisGroup for an economic damages expert witness.  Our client was representing a Texas based insurance company that sold a product tampering and contamination insurance policy to a food manufacturer in South Dakota.  The insured filed a claim for food products that were tested to contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).  The plaintiff declared that they do not use MSG in their ingredients and that the MSG in their products was a result of food contamination.   The defense attorney tried to file a motion for summary judgment because the insurance policy only covers accidental bodily injury.  MSG is a FDA approved food product.