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Was an SPCA Officer an Expert on Dog-Training Devices?

SPCA Expert Witnesses

Defendant was tried before a jury and found guilty of second-degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) (cocaine) with intent to distribute. Part of his appeal concerned the testimony of an SPCA law enforcement officer or humane law enforcement officers (HLEO) who dealt with Defendant’s dogs.  At the suppression hearing, a detective testified that he removed Defendant from … Continued

Can Methodology Be Used in a Personal Injury Case?


Expert methodology was at the center of the battle of the experts in a personal injury case where the plaintiff fell from her wheelchair while disembarking Defendant Cruise Line‘s ship at a ramp within a leading into the terminal building in Miami.  Plaintiff proffered a mechanical engineer expert on the Cruise Line‘s liability for her fall. This expert was a long-time “forensic accident investigator.” He “inspected, measured, and photographed the scene of the incident,” reviewed materials from the … Continued

Admissibility of Hurricane Experts Considered in Louisiana Federal Court

Plaintiffs in an action for damage to an oil company’s flowlines and pipelines from a hurricane sought to prevent the introduction of testimony from three experts with respect to hurricanes or storms beyond the parameters discussed at a pre-trial conference. Plaintiffs sought to exclude “any testimony concerning hurricanes/storms by any witness, including, but not limited … Continued

Statistics Expert Analyzes Safety Measures in Aurora Shooting

Statistics expert witnesses may consult in many fields including economics, risk management, and criminology. A Harvard University educated statistics expert witness testified in the case against Cinemark Theaters, owners of the Aurora, Colorado, Cineplex and site of a 2012 mass shooting. Several surviving victims and relatives of the dead claim the theater did not have adequate … Continued

FTC Case: Expert Witness used for Restitution Award

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought an action against a corporation and several of its executives—including the company’s former president—seeking injunctive and monetary equitable relief for misleading and unfair business practices surfacing from its website marketing under § 5(a) of the FTC Act. The FTC settled with two of three individual defendants, but one executive … Continued

Banking Laws

Modern banking institutions are sprawling, highly complex economic activities that interact with societies in many important ways. Similarly, the banking laws that govern these entities are complex and detailed. If a banking institution comes under scrutiny in court, it is necessary to bring in a banking laws expert witness who can translate the laws into … Continued

Appraisal Expert Witnesses

ForensisGroup has been connecting attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, and Fortune 500 businesses with only the most trusted and experienced experts from across the nation for more than twenty-five years. We offer appraisal experts skilled with real estate, personal property, antiques, automobiles, industrial equipment, jewelry, business valuation, finance, insurance coverage, fine art, gemstones, ceramics, glass, … Continued

Litigation Support Services

  As a premier source of expert witnesses and consultants since 1991, ForensisGroup also offers select litigation support services to further assist clients in their preparation for trial. In the last 25 years, we have developed a strong network of litigation support specialists such as highly credentialed legal videographers / audio video analysts, animators, urban … Continued

IRS Investigator Not Audited as Expert Witness on BSA

Senior District Judge Karl S. Forester of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky was recently asked to entertain a motion of Defendant to exclude the expert testimony of an IRS Special Agent in her trial for violation of the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”). In January of this year, a federal … Continued

Engineering Expert Witnesses

At ForensisGroup, we have more than twenty-five years of experience providing top engineering experts to lawyers, insurance professionals, and other public and private agency clients. Our network of vetted and highly credentialed experts can offer consultation and litigation support across a wide variety of fields including but not limited to: Biomechanics Automotive Civil Chemical engineering … Continued

ForensisGroup Finds Human Resource Expert Witness for an Employment Discrimination Case

A man was terminated from his employment at a car dealership in San Francisco, California.  He claimed that his former employer terminated him because of his medical issues. He hired an attorney to sue the business, alleging that it was a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act.  The employer did not agree with the plaintiff’s allegation.  The insurance carrier for the car dealership hired a San Francisco Law Firm to represent the dealership in this employment litigation matter.

Helpful Articles for Attorneys

How to Select an Expert Witness Assessing Your Expert’s Credentials: Certifications, Licenses, Publications, Affiliations, Awards and Reputation in the Community Assessing Your Expert’s Credentials: Prior Work Experience Assessing Your Expert’s Credentials: Educational Background 3 Typical Scenarios that Require Expert Witnesses Becoming an Expert in Hiring an Expert Finding an Expert Witness: Directory vs. Referral Sites … Continued

ForensisGroup Gives Back Program on Its 5th Year

Every time an expert is retained from ForensisGroup we will donate $25 to the organization of the client’s choice from the list below.  Thank you for helping us fulfill our commitment to give back. Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children.  They aim to save lives with food, medical care and … Continued

Is Your Expert Witness Ready for Daubert?

California may be on the precipice of a seismic change in the standards governing the admissibility of expert witness testimony. While the state has not altered its requirement of admitting expert testimony so long as it is “generally accepted,” in a recent case1, the California Supreme Court rejected the testimony of a CPA/Attorney expert who … Continued

ForensisGroup Gives Back Program on Its 4th Year

Since 2009, our clients have helped us build a means to give back to the community. Now on it’s 4th year, participation in the Gives Back Program has enabled us to donate over $30,000.00 to these worthy causes. For each expert retained with us, $25.00 is given as a contribution to a charitable organization of … Continued

In Demand Expertise

{loadposition indemanddisiplinesonpage} Our consultants do not pay to be listed. As a premier expert witness service, our goal is to match the best possible expert witness with the right client. We rigorously and continuously screen the professionals in our expert witness service network, ensuring that our professionals are the most authoritative and effective in the … Continued

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ForensisGroup, Inc. offers a select group of premier forensic experts, consultants, and witnesses. If you are seeking an expert in a specific discipline, are unable to locate the expert who meets your individual requirements, or would like more information about a particular expert, please contact us through the Expert Request form on the right of … Continued


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About ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services ForensisGroup, Inc. is chosen everyday, by attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies, because we have the strongest selection of premier forensic experts, consultants, and witnesses, as well as a stress-free expert witness selection and retention process. We offer over 2,000 consultants, experts, expert witnesses, forensic experts, and … Continued

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