According to the United States Census Bureau, Mexico is the third largest trading partner for the U.S.  American businesses have strong partnerships with the manufacturers and producers in Mexico. The Mexican economy and law affect many industries here in the States.

ForensisGroup celebrates Cinco de Mayo with our neighbor country on May 5th, 2015. It’s to commemorate the day Mexico won the battle against foreign forces during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Not only did we celebrate with delicious Mexican food, we want to share with you how to say Expert Witness in Spanish:

expert witness in mexican law










Expert Witness in Spanish:


  1. (n) testigo experto
  2. (n) perito(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)

Since businesses and laws are intertwined, ForensisGroup has expert witnesses in Mexico’s corporate law and banking law. We also provide manufacturing experts with expertise in product management.   Some of ForensisGroup expert witnesses have international casework in Mexico as communications and wireless technology experts.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!