Colon Rectal Surgeon Expert 520370 AL

Expertise Description

My career has spanned over 30 years in the field of Medicine and Surgery as both a General and Colon/Rectal Surgeon. My expertise is in Endoscopy, Colon Cancer, Colonoscopy, Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, Infections, General Surgery, Colon / Rectal Surgery, Constipation, Fecal Incontinence, Robotic Surgery, Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis. I have also spent more than 30 years working as a general surgery expert witness in West Virginia and have provided deposition, consultations, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes reviewing cases for both the plaintiff and defense; 70% defense, 30% plaintiff; several multi-million awards for the plaintiff.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes two decades of consulting for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. I am always looking for a product for medicine that can add value to my patients. Furthermore, I have published over 30 peer-reviews papers, authored or co-authored over 12 book chapters, and have been principle investigators for several game-changing studies.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes: surgery and colon and rectal surgery; being an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery in a university; Associate Professor of Division of Clinical Sciences in a university.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Walden University
M.D. University of California LA
B.S. Biomedical Science University of California Riverside

Licenses Certifications

General Surgery – Certification
Colon and Rectal Surgery – Certification
Medical License: State of North Carolina, State of Ohio, State of West Virginia

Awards & Affiliation

American Medical Association
American College of Surgeons
Society of American Gastrointestinal Surgeons
American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgery

Primary Affiliation

American Medical Association