Community Bank Expert 518974 NV

Expertise Description

For more than 40 years, I have worked with Banking strategy, specializing in large bank retail operations and administration, Community Bank formation, and successful operation of a Community Bank, as well as recovery, sales of banks and troubled bank resolution. I have extensive experience with State and Federal Regulators, FDIC and OCC. My expertise is in regulatory management and compliance, UCC Article 9 (NV, primarily), bank operations, audit, consumer lending, customer service, private banking, sales and cross selling, and managing bank performance. My experience ranges from Teller to SVP and Senior Bank Administrator of a large Regional Bank, as well as President, CEO and Chairman of Community Banks. I am conversant with Contingency plans, Strategic Plans, Conversion plans and execution of same; Budgets, both execution and administration, leveraging Bank services, maximizing ROE and controlling overhead expenses. My time as an expert witness has spanned over two decades with providing consultations and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
School for Bank Administration University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin