Competency ExpertCompetency expert witnesses will examine the woman charged in the fatal 2015 Oklahoma State University homecoming crash. Adacia Chambers was arrested after driving through a police barricade during a homecoming parade. She then ran into four spectators who were killed. Victims included Marvin and Bonnie Stone, both 65, Nikita Nakal, 23, and 2-year-old Nash Lucas. Chambers told the Stillwater jail staff that she was suicidal when she drove into the crowd.

While the psychologist who met with Chambers after the arrest says the defendant appears to have a mental illness, the evaluation at the Oklahoma Forensic Center describes Chambers as aware of the charges and competent to stand trial.

Competency refers to the ability of an individual to make conscious decisions or successfully perform a task. Competency expert witnesses may be called upon to offer an analysis of whether an individual is competent in his or her ability to stand trial. Competency is determined with a mental health evaluation by a competency expert licensed and/or certified in psychiatry or psychology.