Hernia mesh manufacturers are dealing with thousands of lawsuits as patients seek reparation for medical complications following surgeryNearly 7,000 lawsuits are pending in three different multidistrict litigation actions. While the medical devices were marketed as safe and effective, the FDA received complaints from patients with side effects including chronic pain, internal bleeding, tissue damage, organ adhesions, etc. In the Northern District of Georgia, over 2,000 lawsuits have been centralized for coordinated pretrial proceedings with U.S. District Judge Richard Story presidingTrials in these hernia mesh lawsuits are scheduled to begin in April 2020. 

According to the FDA, “Hernias have a high rate of recurrence, and surgeons often use surgical mesh to strengthen the hernia repair and reduce the rate of recurrence… The most common adverse events following hernia repair with mesh are a pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion, and bowel obstruction. Some other potential adverse events that can occur following hernia repair with mesh are mesh migration and mesh shrinkage (contraction). 

In trial, the design, manufacture, and sale of the hernia mesh products will be investigated and experts will provide reports and testimony to the court. Product liability lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A., explained that the jury will weigh several factors in determining the amount of any hernia mesh settlement, including: 

The extent and duration of the hernia mesh complications, including the medical care or treatment required as a result of the injury. 

The amount of any lost wages, medical expenses or other economic damages. 

The effect that the injury from the hernia mesh had on the overall physical and mental health or well-being of the plaintiff. 

The pain and mental anguish suffered in the past and will likely be suffered in the future. 

Any long-term injuries that may affect the plaintiff’s future health or enjoyment of life. 

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