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COMPUTER Expert WitnessesForensisGroup has a consistent record of success dating back to 1991, making us a leader in the expert witness services . If you’ve been looking to hire a trusted and credible computers expert witness, we will work with you to locate an expert with the skills you need for your case. Our computer experts have experience with a wide range of areas, such as hardware, software development, computer science, information technology, computer engineering, networks, operating systems, consumer electronics, Internet technologies, wireless networks, mobile devices, wireless communications, information security, telecommunication systems, computer architecture, database systems, computer system design, digital forensics, multimedia, and other computer-related disciplines. With so many facets of the computer industry, it is important that the retained computers an expert witness with the specific skills to match the particular details of each case.

Submit An Expert Request Form to find a computer expert witness. We refer each expert based on the results of a rigorous screening process.   We also provide clients with a commitment-free initial consultation at no cost, so you can evaluate the skills of each expert before he or she is officially retained. Because our experts do not pay to be listed, our vetted group consists of experts selected based only on their knowledge, skills, and experience. Contact us today to be matched with an authoritative computers expert witness.

"I was extremely pleased with the results. The ForensisGroup staff was both courteous and efficient. Your expert was second to none and helped resolve my matter on the best of terms."

- Carlo F. Van den Bosch, Esq.


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