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Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years experience in the Construction field with expertise as a licensed contractor. I have experience with fast, accurate analysis of construction defect issues, codes to contracts and procedures, along with habitability standards, mold remediation, and property management. I have over 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes residential and commercial construction defects including: water intrusion, code and seismic compliance, fire damage claims and costs, ADA compliance issues of existing commercial buildings, habitability standards per CCC 1941.1 and CHSC 17920.3, and mold causes and remediation. 

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes project management of complex projects, cost analysis, evaluation and comparison, architectural and specification analysis, construction contract review and administration, specification writing, and construction testing and analysis. 

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes having been in a private practice with emphasis on litigation analysis and preparation, as well as being a General Building Contractor for residential and commercial contracts.

Relevant Experiences

I am intimately familiar with construction standards relating to concrete installation and installations performed without permits plans and etc. With regard to oil and gas stations, and the specific codes and standards that apply to them, I was a construction expert to major companies on a fire damage claim for a gas station.
Cost analysis for glass replacement is an area I am very familiar with. The process requires a site inspection and analysis, the development of a comprehensive set of specifications, (which need to include all the relevant details of the existing glass installations), and must address removal and installation costs, cost of delays, loss of use, safety and access issues etc. I have overseen the bidding of more than a hundred million dollars worth of commercial work in the last few years, including high rise buildings.

I have had decades of experience with these issues: driveways, grading and repair costs, including many rendered expert opinions. These are usually simple cases to resolve. During the course of forty years of actual construction, I have completed literally hundreds of grading and driveway installations, on all sorts of terrain.


B.A.biochemistry and mathematicsLancaster University

Licenses Certifications

Licensed Contractor: CA

Awards & Affiliation

Professional member AACE

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