Construction Engineering Expert 529007 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have over 45 years experience in construction engineering with expertise in Joint Pole Authorization (JPA), assisting in the construction and maintenance of utility poles, power utility companies, communication companies, designing wireless and analog facilities, underground construction, excavating, trenching, conduit placements, manhole placements and rehabs, rock wheel, trencher, backhoe, bore and jack operations. I have additional knowledge in service and outside plant restoration in numerous fire, flood, hurricane and tornado afflicted areas, as well as the replacement of hundreds of poles broken by man and other natural causes. I have prior experience offering my services as a construction engineering expert witness with consultations and deposition.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
A.A. Education Scottsdale Community College – Scottsdale Arizona

Licenses Certifications

Certified on all Pac Bell Construction Equipment
Certified High Climber
N.C.T.I. Certification in Broadband Fundamentals
Broadband Construction Technician Training

Awards & Affiliation

Society of Cable Television Engineers
Telephone Pioneers of America
Veterans of Foreign Wars

Primary Affiliation

Society of Cable Television Engineers